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being the favourite! Lock Rss

I dont know how the rest of you feel, but i hate the feeling of not being the favourite! as soon as Dad walks in the door Kayden looks up and smiles - goes all shy and then just wants to play silly buggers! I mean dont get me wrong, My other half and bubby spend heaps of time together when he comes home from work (not the baby, the other half! lol) and i think its great, because they have a strong bond/connection already. But i feel a bit left out in the cold - Kayden couldnt care less if i was there or not when Dad comes home?!?! is it just me, or are there more of you out there?
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hi, my son alos hears daddy pull up and he is arced to the top of the stairs screaming dad dad. Mum is invisible once mum is home, wont even eat for me! As much as i think i not the favourite, i get cuddles all day and all the attention and at least i get a break when daddy gets home...
But yes hubby likes to rub it in that he is the fav ( even when ash doent want to go to sleep he calls out dada hoping he will resue him), and in morning when i let him out he screams down the hall dada till he gets to our bed to wake daddy. mums all business till dad leaves...

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