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so much work!! Lock Rss

hi my partner has now got 3 jobs flooring, handy man for a retirement place (own companies) and works for syd water im worried its going to all build up with stress there is no need to have the 3 jobs he just likes to do them all... plus we are also building onto our house which he is doing himself as he is a qualified carpenter im worried about it all mainy scared that daddy time may slowly turn it to need to work. dont get me wrong he spends so much time with peter as soon as he gets home its daddy time which is so lovely to watch and be apart of! i just dont want to see it slip away.
is there anyone going though the same kinda thing does anyone have the same problem

mum of peter 25/12/04

Hi, my partner has one job, but its on call 24/7 and He works ALOT I hardly ever see him, and Liam misses out abit too. And of course when he does spend time with him he seems too distracted so it isn't very good quality. But we have made it so that my partner is home every night in time to bath him. This is their special time and they spend ages in there talking and giggling and have a thing with buying bath books together, he has HEAPS of them. But yes I do understand why you are worried, maybe express your concerns to your partner? I hope things go well for you all

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

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