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He wants another one! Lock Rss

My little girl is 19 weeks and my DP said last night "ones not enough lets have another one!" what do you guys think?


GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!
hmm, might want to wait just a few months before trying unless you're prepared to have 2 babies for a while smile
My DH says "two's not enough let's have another one" and MOST days I agree with him.

Looking forward to hearing the happy news!

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

Hi MummyT,

My husband is fond of having a big family and our daughter is 1yrs old and hes been asking me since she was about 6 months to have another one!!

I do want one too but not now because I want my lil princess to grow up having a wonderful time being the baby (getting spoil at the time too) So really its up to whether you are ready too.

I think its good to wait a bit as the eldest one is force to grow up too quickly once the second bub's introduce into the family. This is why the majority of eldest kids are more mature then their siblings.

Other factors u have to consider is your health and sibling rilvary!!

You just gave birth not long ago and your body needs to recover. Having a body changes your hormones and puts alot of stress on your body. You will need at least 6months to recover before having your next. This will ensure a more healthy baby as well.

The other thing u might like to consider is whether you 1st one will be jealous of the new born because there will be another person sharing mum and dad's attention, love and affection.

But if u have thought about it all and decide to have another one then I wish you all the best.


When my DD was about 16 weeks I got gastro, and EVERYONE"S reaction was "you're not pregnant again are you?" I had the iplanon implant put in at 6 weeks post birth so I was pretty sure it wasn't the 'pregnancy bug' back again. Anyhow, Darling Husband said "it would be nice to have another one!" which I do agree with, but in like 2 or 3 years time. I don't want more than one child in nappies at a time, plus if the first is a bit older they are able to do a few things for themself. If it accidentally happened then we'd accept it and be positive, but not my ideal.
My mum had 3 kids under 3 (I was the next after many years) and she always says how tired she was all the time, and because she was so tired the kids didn't get her 100% attention. It also weakened her immunity, so she was always getting sick with tonsilitis or colds too.
Pregnancy takes a lot out of your body both physically and nutritionally, and I have heard it said before that it takes 4 years for your body to fully recover!
Like everything, it's a personal decision, and if you think you can handle the extra, extra work load then you are one supermum! All the best!!!

We have nearly four very close, all planned, and I think it's the best thing we've ever done. When my twins were born my oldest was 13 months, and there has never been any jealousy or rivalry, she was simply too young. Also she still slept during the day, and went to bed at 7.30, so we found it actually pretty cruisy. (After the initial newborn psycho period!)
I get plenty of one on one time with all of them, but seeing them love each other is the best experience ever. This way the money is better too, i got $90 a fortnight with one, now i get $520. And they don't cost that much!
People always say gee you must be busy, and we are, but it's all down to organisation, we still go out all the time as a family, you just have to accept that stuff takes a lot longer.
If you have a supportive partner I can't see that you'd have a problem, it's definitely worked for us.

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

In a way I would say go for it! but on the other hand 2 is full on! I have 2 that are 12mths apart and I dont stop all day! My man wanted another 1 too, but I wasnt so sure as I did everything for our daughter,but 6mths down the track I found out I was 11wks pregers! I have good days and bad days but mostly stressfull days! I cant do basic things by myself like put fuel in the car (im not leaving them in the car alone) an doing groceries by myself can be hell! but atleast Im getting the nappies an everything done while Im in the swing of things.I was lucky an was blessed with 2 good sleepers and its beautiful watching them interact! my little man smiles at his big sis when she talks to him(baby talk) an his eyes follow her around the room and she lets me know when he is crying by pointing an saying "bubba". The hardest times is when they both get sick (an they always get sick together). Its defenately a hard one an I would seriously make sure you are ready before you make any desicions!

Mia,16mths an 4mths

Hi how do you feel about having a other one? and I have a daughter who is 9 months old and I want another one when she is about 4 years old so Jaye can help me out with the other baby and she can be a big sister and plus we want to enjoy Jaye before we have a other one.

I think you both have to talk about the subject and do you think you cope with 2 small children and especially with one income coming in?

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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