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picking up after DAD all the time Lock Rss

hey guys,
what is it with dads? do they just not notice mess? you have finally got the house clean and they give bubby a feed but leave the bottle where ever they are. Im sick of picking up after hubby all the time, there is enough crap laying around already with a new lifestyle having a baby and toys every where... DAD doesnt need to make it worse - wouldnt you agree??? how does every one else cope? -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

My hubby is almost opposite. If there is too much lying around he'll pick it up and put it god knows where? I hate that. Once he starts it doesn't stop, the next thing what I was using has gone.
Will we ever be satisfied?

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

Hi Leia,

My hubby is the same at times but is helpful when he is needed. Hubby doesnt mind a messy house!! ARRGHH!! I cant stand it when he makes a mess after I've spent hrs to clean it up and the thing is he doesnt mind if I dont clean as long as I am happy smile

But he helps when I tell him I am tired or need time off being a tired wife and mum and yes its true cleaning up after bubs is bad enough and they dont stop!! Sometimes my daughter follows me around and mess up everything I clean up!! She is learning though to "pack away" her toys after she plays.

My advise is to talk to dad if its bothering you and its making you overtired.... Men dont pick up on initiatives or hints, be blunt!! LOL

All the best,

I work fulltime whilst my husband does some part time work and look after our daughter and home.

He is fantastic with looking after her and getting the cleaning done. Tidying up though is not his strong point.

I used to be a neat freak. I have learnt to relax. If things are clean I don't worry about the rest of the mess anymore. I just cherish the time I get to spend with my gorgeous daughter and fantastic husband. It isn't worth fighting over.

Sonia,NSW,12mth old

im in the same boat sweety, i live with 2 males, one being sarah dad and his brother. around here it's like looking after 3 two year olds with the mess that they leave.

and then they expect me to clean it up as im the one home all day, it gets on my nerves. so i know how u feel.

Shazz and beautiful Sarah

my partner does the full monty when he steps in to the house, he leaves socks undies and shoes all over the lounge room floor as well as rubbish and snotty tissues.
My partner also smokes marijuana so i have to put up with his disgusting habbit of pooring bong water down my kitchen sink, even if there is dishes in it.
As well as using the baby bottles brush to clean his bong out (i have gone through 4 already)
When he cooks or even makes a small meal every pot in the house has to be used, amongst other things.
I know exactly what you going through no matter how many times you ask them to stop it never drills through their thick man sculls. smile

Ky,Tristan 1year old

dont worry my husband is the same, he can quite happily live in a house thats not clean, although i try my best to make sure the house is clean coz im a bit of a neat freak, but lately have relaxed a little and sometimes I spend all day watching tv (around doing things for my bub of course) hubby never says anything if the house is messy but he doesnt say anything if its clean either, he will do the dishes (we have a rule that whoever cooks the other cleans) and sometimes will put washing on and take it off but its very rare.

Men just aren't programmed the way we are, and its annoying, i just don't understand how he can't see that the floor needs vacuuming!!! but I cant complain too much, hubby works full time casual so gets no holidays or sick days so even if he is sick he still has to go to work.

and I think the most important thing is that he helps with our son, I have to ask but he does it.

Men will never change when it comes to housework!!!!!!

MY HUBBY 2 B (3 WEEKS 2 GO) walks in, takes his shoes off whereva, throws his top some place else, leaves dishes where eva he finishes with them, leaves wet towels on the floor, leaves his wiska's in the sink afta a shave, never picks up afta himself - this is bcoz his mother neva made him do i but....
he is an xclnt daddy, he changes nappies, feeds her, baths her and most importantly, plays with her. i have neva pushed the pram once when he is around, many a times ihave wondered where hima nd my lil girl is to find them both in the shed, him showing her what tools are what and them both 'fixing' something.
thats makes the mess all worth while!
i will add that i apparently have Obessive Compulsive Disorder (i dont think so!)- my DH loves moving the coffee table etc as i MUST have it center on the room, shoes must be placed next to each other and in the right spot etc and everything has it's spot - i clean my house constantly - trying to learn to leave my bub's toys out for her but find it very hard!
I know how you feel!!!
I am seriously going crazy.
My P works away for 4 weeks and I am fine
as soon as he comes home every single little thing on the floor or where its not supposed to be makes me want to cry
I get so angry
I dont know why it bothers me when hes here but now when hes away...
I guess its too much for me to handle when he is here because theres too much mess to clean.
I could spend all day all week cleaning and there wouldnt be a difference.
yet when hes gone it seems to stay cleaner, im more relaxed and happy
god i sound like a bitch
How do I cope?
I dont but when you find the answer please tell me

Lmao, I glad to know im not the only one with this problem. I have learnt not to let it get to me so much anymore and you know if i go about and tidy up as per normal without b*tching at him he takes the initiave to help.... go figure. I dunno what it is about men but mine prefers to feel like its his idea..... smile

Boy do I know how you feel.
I have a lovelly husband - who is a great dad - but he just doesnt see mess!!
Over the last week I have started playing a little (childish) game with him. I.e. he left some of our sons dirty clothes on top of the washing basket instead of taking the lid off and putting them inside. So I tidied them up and said in a very stupid tone "Hon, you know this round thing on top of the basket? It's a lid, it you pick it up at the top you can see that it actually opens the basket up - then you can put the clothes inside - and its a lot tidier" I then continued with "Hon if there is anything else around the house that you are a bit confused about please let me know because I am happy to talk you through it"
He had a bit of a chuckle - hopefully it works.
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