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Need Advice... what would you do??? Lock

I need advice and TODAY??? I need to know if you were in my shoes what would you do. My babys d...

12 replies

I wouldn't, not for my own safety but for my son's if my son had a father like that i would rather him think he was dead a...


unsubscribing from Huggies

Has anyone found it to be a complete nightmare trying to 'unsubscribe' from Huggies? A...

1 reply

Hi there What are you trying to do? Do you want us to remove your forum membership totally?


Father's day gifts

Father's day is coming soon. What gifts should prepare? Well no matte what kind of the gifts...

1 reply

Greeting card is the best options.


Stay at home Dad tips

I plan to go back to work in 6 weeks and my partner is going to be home with bubba. Does anyone h...

11 replies

You buy some good gifts dear.


Any mums in kallangur

Hi i m mother of 15 months old baby. Looking for mums who have kids of this age group for play da...

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What to put in a nappy bag?

Hi all, I am making up a nappy bag for a friend as a baby shower present - What do you suggest I...

3 replies

Nappies Wipes Loads of Bibs and Facecloths A pack of Huggies Changing Mats, they come in so Handy Some Vaseline Baby Powder Receiver...


Abdominal pain

Hi all, currently 7 weeks pregnant with number 4 and 5. Have gotten rather big rather quick this ...

1 reply

Hi I'm currently pregnant with twins 17 weeks, I have just started having pain on my left hip and upper leg. I think it depends...


Portacot won't set up or fold away

Hi, My portacot is stuck. When I took it out to set up I accidentally clicked the base in place b...

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Hey everyone does anyone know of anyone that will support a VBA3C in melbourne preferably western...

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May 2017 due group

Hi mums - I've created a group called NZ Mums due in May 2017, feel free to join! Here'...

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New to Pimpama and looking to make friends ?

Hi we are a young couple new to Pimpama and have 3 boys 8, 4 and 2. Looking to meet some new fri...

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Dadvice for Father's Day!

In honour of Father's Day, we would like to throw the spot light on all the wonderful dads o...

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Single parent payment

Just wanting to find out the average fort nightly payment you guys get, just broke up with my par...

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Cure for Jaundice!!!

Good day I'm sure most of parents wanted to know what is the best way cure your baby from ja...

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Separated parents with a toddler.

Hi, I'm a first time and single mum and I am looking for some advice. My daughter is 15 mont...

1 reply

Not sure of yours and his circumstances, but would it be an option to have your daughter stay the night at her Dad's on those d...


Breech Babies

I am 37 weeks today and have been told that my baby is still in a breech position. I have had 2 o...

3 replies

My two boys were breech and both fine. As a PP said, the main concern is their hips which are usually fixed over a few months by ...


Replacement gold cow snuggie from Best and Less

Please help!!! My son has lost his snuggie that he has had for the past 5years. Best and Less are...

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Looking for a car seat group 1

Hi, looking for some advice on which car seat to get my daughter, she is getting big now for the ...

4 replies

Britax sears are a good brand. You are best to get a seat that rf to at least 2 years of age as this is far safer for your child. Th...


Neg blood test 9dpo. Bfp 12dpo

Hi ladies thought I'd share my story . In May this year I had a blood test at 9dpo and was n...

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Prolapse and pregnancy

Hi all,, I am extremely worried as i have a double prolapse of both bladder and uterus. this will...

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Husband doesn't want third child

HI all, I write this with a very heavy heart and again I can't sleep with enormity of the de...

4 replies

Hearing something like this breaks my heart. I am a 33 yr old mother of 5 (10,9,7,6,4) and 8 wks pregnant with our 6th. I'm so ...


Online Love problem +91-9988279155 Solution baba

Online Love problem +91-9988279155 Solution babaOnline Love problem +91-9988279155 Solution babaO...

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I am having baby number 8 and c section no 8

Hi everyone I am having bub no 8 and c section no 8 every op I have had have been good but this t...

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Baby bath time

My baby is over 1 years old, i teach him to have a bath himself, so can anyone tell me that shoul...

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pregnancy tests

Help please!! Ive done so many pregnancy tests and they've all turned up possitive 10 tests ...

5 replies

You can confirm the pregnancy by three test Urine test, blood test and final ultra sonography. Urine test you can try at home as wel...


New to plainland

Morning. We have just moved to plainland and looking for a baby group to join my son is 4 months ...

1 reply

Hi! I'm Emma I have a 5 month old baby girl. Are you at plainland near laidley? I'm at Ipswich. I'm struggling with h...


How to encourage fluid intake.

Hi ladies. My 6 month old has a really sore throat. Any tips on how to encourage him to take in f...

4 replies

It is a common complaint of every parent’s as children immune systems are not fully developed and they cannot fight infections and a...


Winter 1'st birthday

My son will be turning 1 in a couple of months and I have no idea what to do. I don't want s...

3 replies

First of all, happy birthday to your son. I can understand the situation you are going through. It is very exciting event in every p...


Neocate Gold

Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has any recent experience with Neocate Gold and any tips t...

1 reply

Neocate Gold is an amino acid formula that has been specifically developed for infants with cows’ milk protein allergy or multiple f...


Help mum

Hey everyone first time just wondering if there is any way to cheer my partner up she is thirty w...

2 replies

Laughter is one of the body's best ways of relaxing. So meet up with friends, watch a funny film or series with someone, or go ...


sac only

i had altrua sound a few days ago and they could only see a sack.. going by that they said i was...

2 replies

Don’t worry, based on the size of sac doctor can ask if any other diagnosis is required. If the pregnancy sac measures more than 25m...



Thanks heaps. I will definitely try the michelle bridges weightloss program. I'm pretty good...

5 replies

You are very welcome.


Free photo shoots

Doing what I love again ready and waiting to take gorgeous pictures of your family or maybe you a...

2 replies

oh sorry hun i forgot to mention i live in melb:)


Avoid court but limit his visitation

My ex and I have been separated over 3 years. I have since moved on and had another baby with my ...

2 replies

I quite agree. If I was in your situation I would be seeking supervised visitation and no overnight visits. I would also seek to hav...



Well AF is here so guess I'm the lucky one to start May group off. Fingers crossed for bfps....

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North shore dads group

Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knows of any father's groups around Lane Cove o...

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Parent groups around ipswich

Hi all. I'm new here and I am about to take on the role as stay at home dad when my partner ...

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Need help 8 month old wants titty every two hours in the night!

I thought it was a bad phase but has been longer then a week and she will cry until I give it to ...

7 replies

Maybe just try shortening the feeds a little at first? Pull away before he’s fully asleep, so he gets used to falling asleep without...


Mackay playgroups

Hi. I was just wondering if there are any playgroups I'm Mackay/Walkerston area or any mums ...

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Gender nubs

Who used the nub theory to predict gender? was it accurate? any look like boys and turn out to be...

1 reply

Yes you can determine the gender with the help of nub theory. It is more accurate, approximately 80-90% post 12 weeks of scan. Befor...