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Conceiving naturally after I prescribed clomid

Hi Does anyone know of someone that has had a baby after taking unprescribed clomid, fell pregnan...

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Clomid is used for ovulation in up to 80% of women who do not otherwise ovulate, and chances are such that 50% of these women may be...


Step stool

Hey I´m searching a nature looking step stool ( for example:

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12 Week Nub theory - Any guesses???

Hi All, Here is our 12 week scan photo. Any guesses??

2 replies

PrayingforaMiracle wrote: Hi there??what a beautiful picture smile I'm not sure on what your going to have? I'd like to sa...



Blood in vaginal mucos, could i be pregnant because it has been nearly two months since my last p...

1 reply

Hi Ethelt10???? it depends on how regular your cycle is if you have a regular cycle then yes you could definately be pregnant, howev...


Ex, me and baby

17w pregnant 32 years old Ok so I've left my ex a few months back after finding out I was ...

7 replies

That is good news, and hopefully he has learnt his lesson lol. Yes I see my ex struggling, so I have a slight smile when I see him a...


TTC Nov 2015

Anyone else in their TWW? I was wondering what sort of symptoms people might be experiencing and...

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Due July 2016

Hello!! I know it's super early but I got my bfp this morning at 10dpo ekkkk which leaves me...

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Casula mums - Playgroup Wanted!

Hi all, I'm a stay at home mum of a 18 month old boy. I'd really like to find or join ...

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Your Partner During Labour

How involved was your partner while you were in labour? We'd love to hear about all the h...

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Just returned from a month in Canada with my 15 month old boy. Was somewhat surprised to find Hug...

3 replies

Might look into it. Would be interesting to see how much the shipping's going to be


ADVICE NEEDED!!! I want baby #2 but Fiancé doesnt.

I need some advice. Run down: my partner and I met when I was 16 weeks pregnant with my daughter ...

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Carrum Downs/Frankston meet up

Hi all, I'm 24 years old and moving to Carrum Downs with my 5 month old baby boy. I would lo...

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Mama love

For a girl?

We are convinced we are having a boy but need a girls name just incase of course! We like Billie ...

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I love the name Ivy! Also goes nice with Mae. Good luck! Girls names are always hard


Carrum downs/ Frankston meet

Hi all, I'm 24 years old and moving to Carrum Downs with my 5 month old baby boy. I would lo...

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im very worried

i need some advice. i have been spot bleeding since yesturday its very light brown discharge with...

2 replies

I had spotting during early pregnancy, pretty similar to what you described. Mine lasted from around 5-10 weeks in two of my pregna...


Working during Your Third Trimester of Pregnancy

I am so happy I could get back to work after two months of waiting for new work contract. Problem...

6 replies

In my experience support belts are not really helpful or necessary (basically they were a waste of money). I worked up until 40 wee...


Baby number 8

Hey all I just found out I'm pregnant with baby 8 and am shocked lol my youngest baby is 2 i...

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how come kids are more attached to mothers than fathere

i would like people to share this title i posted. cheers

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Child Support

HI everyone, Im a Single mum and i have put the father down on the baby birth Certificate, I don&...

3 replies

Serenity, you dont actually have to put the fathers name down on the birth cert or application forms for SPS, tell winz you dont wan...


Has anyone ever heard of "baby blue vein" and "sugar bug" in infants?

My 9 week old has a slight blue patch in the middle of his eyes on top of his nose. I googled it ...

3 replies

It's strange isnt it? I thought it was a bruise at first, but then good old mr google had some answers for me. Apparently if th...


family supplement payment

does anyone know if the 600 family supplement comes up as an arrears payment of family tax a and ...

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Looking for Ellenbrook friends

Hi Ladies, I am a 27 year old first time mum, my husband I moved to Australia from South Africa...

5 replies

Hi there Youngmumof2 boyz ..... I am living in Ellenbrook, moved from NZ couple of years ago and keen on making new friends. I have ...


toddler pillows

When do children need a pillow?

6 replies

My daughter has had a pillow since about 8 1/2 months. I found she slept better with one, so I gave her one, she also had horrible r...


south burnett mum seeking friends

Hi my name's Emma I'm 27 a mother of two. 9yo and a 2yo. Im a stay at home mum. Basi...

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Fiance's ex causing trouble. What are his rights as a father?

When I started dating my fiance I was already pregnant, the dad wasn't part of my girl'...

5 replies

Ksha, he has previously been to court and won his rights to be in his daughters life she is well and truly out of nappies now but I ...



Hi there, Would just like to know the normal temperature for a 6 month old? Just want to be sure...

2 replies

Hi there, the normal temp range is between 36 and 37 degrees. Although it can also be a little above 37 due to environment eg wrappe...


how do i encourage confidence in social situations with my toddler

Has anyone had or has had a toddler/child who sort of withdraws/shy away in social environments? ...

2 replies

Hey yes i do try mybest to show and even encourage her to join in with me while out..i think that maybe we don't go out much an...


Huggies new crawler nappies leaking!!

Anyone notice that huggies have changed the style and size of the crawler nappies at Coles and Wo...

8 replies

I know this thread is abit old, but huggies nappies are the only nappies I will use. I've never had a problem with them at all,...



When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more ...

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Norgate McLean Dolphin is a modern commercial law firm specialising in corporate, commercial, int...

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Macedon Ranges Music provides singing lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons and theory lessons t...

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sonflags004 offers a wide selection of garden and house flags online featuring recognized ch...

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PG Energy is a specialised Electricity Retailer offering wholesale market access to large electri...

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Use MovingHub's free, time-saving online solution to connect the electricity, gas and water ...

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Stubborn 2 Year Old

Has anyone got any advice how to toilet train my near two year old shes ready but is so stubborn,...

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Melbourne mums

Hi just wondering if there are any mummies in melton area? I'm moving there soon and have a ...

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Midwives at Raymond Terrace

Hi I'm currently pregnant with my second and birthing at John Hunter, my antenatal appointme...

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Baby clothes size 1 wanted

Hello everyone here in Perth. I'm needing some size 1 and 2 clothes for my bub. Anyone is gi...

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Low beta results.

Got my 12 or 13dpo beta results which are 45. Doc is concerned and I am retesting in a couple of ...

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miscarriage question

Hi. Yesterday I thought I was dealing well with my 5 week miscarriage, however today i made a si...

1 reply

Hi there, Sorry for your loss, I've been there too and my thoughts go out to you. As far as I understand it, you will continue...