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metformin & clomid

I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. We have been trying to concieve since February. I know...

2 replies

Thank you. I think im just going to focus on losing the weight and let it happen. Itll happen the time is right. I just need to hav...


Due Dec2015

Hey ladies. Im new to this forum, just had my scan today and I'm 8wks, due date 13th dec. T...

1 reply

Sorry to hear about your passing congrats on your pregnancy tho. I know it maybe sad atm but everything happens for a reason. Just ...


young mums Epping/Wollert/Mernda Victoria

Hi all, I am 23yo with a 6 month old son but due to my father not being well we haven't had ...

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Different safety views

Our baby is now on the move and trying to keep up with our 4 year old. We live on a hill with our...

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I'm not sure what you mean with split. We also live on a hill and I've never stopped them from trying to get up it I actua...


Test Topic Title

Test Topic Description

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am I being silly?

Hi there if they can't get all the information they'll rebook you to come back another ...

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8 months old baby boy for adoption Lock

for more info and pics please email Edited by Moderator to remove email address

3 replies

Cansandra9000 wrote: for more info and pics please email Thanks for your post. It seems that you may be going through a really dif...


Baby Names

Hi ladies!! Haven't posted in ages and don't mean to post something that gets asked a m...

3 replies

Think about as all three together in my opinion I like Benjamin,Lily and kobi Benjamin,lily and wyatt Or Benjamin lily and rhys



I'm a 23 year old male from the us, I'm not sure how often this comes up but I really d...

3 replies

Ok thanks everyone I just wasn't sure where to go from here. I would never blame her for it that wouldn't help the situati...

Duckie returns again

hi everyone

Just popping back in to say hello and see how everyone is

10 replies

hi everyone, I am new here in this forum, not sure it is the right thread to post my greeting. If not I am really sorry.

latest update - maybe a breakthrough (sorry if im boring you all)

its possible, i had my edd moved forward two whole weeks. may be worth waiting another week or tw...

1 reply

I would not give up hope yet. I think that it is too early for them to see on ultrasound. As mentioned in another post. I was told b...


Searching for a pram

I'm searching for a pram that has the option of Bub facing me but also good for going off-ro...

2 replies

Hi! We have the mountain buggy cosmopolitan which we like - I really like that I can have bubs facing us (especially useful now that...


hubby wants me to abort

well i am 7 weeks pregnant with my 4th child & hubby has told me that he wants be to abort this p...

27 replies

Hi Cait, Wow such a hard situation especially since he won't get the snip. My sister terminated (she found out she was expecti...


huggies babies club

I Like reading the Huggies newsletter I receive every couple of weeks, but most of it is aimed at...

1 reply

Odinslay wrote: I Like reading the Huggies newsletter I receive every couple of weeks, but most of it is aimed at mothers. Whats th...


Help Plz .. MY Baby breastfeeds but he wont stop screaming

This is my 1st baby he's 2weeks old ... he wants 2 eat breast milk all day an night an acts ...

2 replies

Poor you and bub! It could be so many different things from latch to over supply, fore and hind milk supply problems. Sometimes thes...


Things children get away with that adults can't My favourite is the spitting out

2 replies

Haha awesome. 90% of those happen in my house on a daily basis lol.


sit ups???

Hi ladies i had my son 3 months ago and was just wondering if anyone knows how long u need to wai...

7 replies

Not silly at all! DD is dear/darling daughter and DS is dear/darling son!


The funny side to pregnancy... Hope it makes you giggle as much as it did me!

4 replies

You mean facebook Page?

Lovemyson: :)

worried of my son poop!!

may son is 8 weeks and he didn't poop in two days,,what should i do?Is their anything to wor...

3 replies

yeahhh he is fully breast fed,and thanks guys,..its greatly appreciated,.,


The males role within pregnancy...

Hi guys, this has been the biggest argument of our pregnancy, I have just started to share my...

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Any Adelaide mums due Early 2015

Hi, i just wondered if there were many Adelaide mums on here due early 2015, I am due in Feb and ...

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Regular period after m/c

Hey ladies im asking on behalf of a friend who m/c in January at 11.5 weeks along, she is still y...

1 reply

Hi hg:), I had a missed miscarriage in January I went for my 12 week scan and found out I had lost at 9 weeks and my cycles were sp...



Hi all! 19wks pregnant with my first baby and starting to get frankly damned alarmed at how much ...

1 reply

I was an F before and am a H now. Honey just make the most of it. My hubby loves them (they do go away eventually)


Successful pregnancies after implanon removal

Hi all, I had my implanon removed after 2 and a half years in June 2014. Me and my husband were w...

2 replies

I had to get an implanon instead of the pill because I began to get migraines with auras and wasn't allowed the pill anymore. ...


Partner won't stop drinking

When we hit 30wks, my partner n I had the 'drinking less' talk. He agreed that at 34wks...

3 replies

Hey I don't know if this helps, but my DH was drinking a lot during my first pregnancy. He was S#$% scared about the whole thi...



Hi Just wondering how people felt after they had their IUD (Mirena) put in? I had mine in yesterd...

3 replies

Ok thanks. Still not sure about it. I have chronic fatigue so I'm just not sure if I can put up with these symptoms as well. Th...


Young mums!

Hi, ladies! My name's Alecia. I'm from Sydney's south west & I am a young sing...

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Has anyone and a CVS

I'm thinking having a CVS but i'm totally unsure. Has anyone had any experiences?

3 replies

not yet. that is my next step


confused about conception

ok , so i am 1 week pregnant today . i know this because i took a test 2 days after my missed pe...

1 reply

How many weeks pregnant you are is taken from the start date of your last period which is technically around 2 weeks before you even...


Partner left me at 30 weeks.. Now been unfair

My partner of four years whom I had set up a house with left me at 30 weeks pregnant (now 36 week...

2 replies

Hun if his like that you are better off with him not on the birth certificate once his on it he can get nasty and fight you custody ...


upper abdomen cramps

I am 21 weeks pregnant my first baby and for the last three days on and off have had cramping my ...

3 replies

That is Great news. Sounds like a weekend break was what you needed. I'm glad your feeling bub move, it's Very reassuring ...


Desperate to be a mum.....

Hi everyone, If you are pregnant and you don't want to keep this child..... I am desperate t...

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Fathers Groups

Hi Everyone, Does anybody know of any fathers groups on the South side of Brisbane?

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Dear Huggies Members, we have lost my daughter's sleepy toy and the house is in chaos. It i...

2 replies

thanks everyone, I have ended up contacting Best&Less and sent them a photo of "Stinky". A lovely lady by the name of ...


? if dd has chromosomal abnormality *UPDATE* :)

Quick background - dd now 19 months has always been little, is on the 2nd centile (recently had g...

21 replies


blood clot

Has anyone had a blood clot before, last year I had intramuscular vein thrombosis not only was it...

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skin pigmentation

Hey ladies so I have red pigmentation in my cheeks but it has become worse in my pregnancy to the...

2 replies

Haha our bodies do weird things dont they tnk u for ur advice I appriciate it


My 11mth old seems to hate being with me

Hello everyone. My name is Scott and my 11mth old is Colton. Ever since the start Colton seems to...

2 replies

It's not a pleasant time. Dd had separation anxiety from 6 to 8 months and wouldn't be with her dad either. She wanted me,...

a new dad

support network and advice

Hi all, first of all this is a great page and I get a lot of help out here but I'm just won...

2 replies There is a facebook group called Single Dads but i'm n...

A few q's?

To send a follow request, click on the envelope next to their profit pic. To quote you have to ...

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