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Maxalon helps increase milk supply! Lock Rss

Just a quick note to help anyone one out that may want to breastfeed but have low milk supply...

My midwife told me that to increase your milk supply you can take maxalon tablets.
its best to talk to your Dr first to find out the dosage to take.

i hope this has helped someone.

You'll have to talk to your doctor first because you'll need a prescription. Maxalon can also cause depression, a better alternative that has the same effect (without the depression) is motilium (domperidone). I take that one and it does work!

Tania, NSW - Mum to 4, Number 5 due Feb 07

I have only had a decent milk supply for my first child, and then it only lasted less than six months.
My last feeding attempt was for twins and I was determined to comp for as long as possible. Taking MOTILIUM didn't really boost supply, but it made a huge difference to the quality of my milk. My milk before was opaque, watery and straw coloured. After taking the pills my milk actually looked like milk, and had a creme layer when the expressed stuff was fridged (I had to save up a days worth of expressed stuff to get 60mls to mix with farex).
It enabled me to comp 90 & 120mls for a long time. I stopped when little girl started letting go of the boob halfway through a feed. It just made my teeth ache to see milk spurting into her ear. In hindsight I should have continued feeding the boy and not have felt guilty about only one baby getting the breast, especially as his exczema increased.

Robynne-69 DH-61 DS1-94 DD1-96 DS2-99 DS3&DD2-04

I have strugled with my milk supply since the very begining. The lactation consultant thinks it may be due to me suffering from hyperemissis gravidarium (spelt seriously wrong!!)during pregnancy. Basicly extream morning sickness. Inability to keep anything down! even water! I spent a lot of time in the hospital on a drip as i was almost constantly dehydrating from the repetative vomiting. Anyway I tried the maxalon when baby was about 2months old and I'm affraid it didn't work for me. Although tablets from blackmores for breastfeeding helped a lot at the time. Now these are no longer working. So now I'm taking herbal tablets available from healthfood stores called fenugreek. I take 6 tablets a day staggered throughout the day and these do the trick. I also use a supply line available through nursing mothers(called something else these days poss. breastfeeding assocation?) for supplimentary feeds. It's a bit tricky at first, you feel as though you need an extra pair of hands but once you've got the hang of it it's easy. Also a high protein drink I got the recipe from my health centre nurse. 4tbs of skim milk powder mixed in 600mls of full cream milk, with flavoring, Twice a day or as needed. Good luck gals hope this stuff healps. Please try the fenugreek it's natural and I have had great results!!
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