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Hi Everyone

Just to let you know our nutritionist Leanne Cooper, is ready to answer your questions about your baby's nutrition, in our new look Help Panel , which can now be found in our Being a Parent Section of the Huggies website.

Leanne has also written some articles that feature in our Feeding Your Baby section here on the Huggies website. I'm sure they will be interesting reading for all of us mums.

Kind regards,
The Huggies Team
Hello, I am a breast feeding mum and my baby is 3 months old. I feel that I eat pretty healthy with a good variety of fruit and vegetables (not saying i'm perfect though - i do have a soft spot for home baking!)... but are there any particular types of food that I should avoid while she is solely breast feeding?
Hi, can you suggest a diet for 4 years old? My son is very active and doesn’t show any interest in food.
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