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Why did you choose formula? Lock Rss

Can we have an open and honest discussion about this without people becoming judgemental?
This question is not meant as an attack on people who formula feed.. it's a genuine request for information.
I don't believe that there should be a "them and us" mentality when it comes to parenting - we are all doing the best job that we can with the information that we have at the time. My question is about how we can get that information out there without starting the mummy wars.
I'm wondering how people arrive at the decision to formula feed. I'm not directing this to people who were unable to feed for medical reasons, but to people who choose to use formula. Is it a result of bad advice, because it has been so normalised in our culture, because it is promoted as being 'as good as' or the equivilent to breastfeeding? Maybe you had issues with your breasts or believing in your body's ability to sustain a baby? Does post natal depression and problem bonding with the baby make a difference?
What would have made a difference for you with breastfeeding? Is there anything that would have changed the outcome ie more support, resources, better advice? What about better support from your workplace for breastfeeding or expressing breaks?
If we are ever going to do anything about improving breastfeeding rates, we are going to have to work out a way to encourage and promote breastfeeding without getting people off side.

Mama to an '04 boy

I started breast feeding but had to go back to work. I take my daughter to work with me so continued for a while. It became very hard to express enough for even one bottle and I gave her 1 bottle a day(Formula). After a while I felt guilty about sitting around breast feeding my daughter while everyone else worked so she is now on formula full time. Also I hated feeding in public. I think I would have continued if I were a bit more confident as a person!!
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My son is 5 months and I am starting to wean him on to formula now.
I also agree about the feeding in public issue for example My husband My 15 month old DD and I went to the Zoo a few weeks ago It was so busy I had no where to sit to even feed My DS, If you do it in the eating aria people look at you in disgust.

I think society these days tolerates bottle feeding a lot better then breastfeeding, there is no real publicity for breastfeeding for those people who don’t have babies of their own.

I think maybe promoting breastfeeding to everyone would help maybe on TV, not just in hospitals etc.

I will continue to breastfeed but also like the option of been able to give a bottle as well and It helps that My Hubby can give a feed, as things can get pretty busy with only 10 ½ months gap between my two.

I breastfeed, but i'm the same in public, you almost feel like your doing something wrong!!!
I think one of the best ways to promote breastfeeding is to feed in public! Its one thing to have adds telling people that breastfeeding is normal, but if you see it everyday on every street corner - then it is normal. : )
i have to agree with OC

it is sad that women are made to feel that they shouldnt breast feed in public.

its ok for women to wear barely nothing or go topless at the beach yet if a woman exposes a nipple to feed her child she is considered crude.

i hope and intend on breast feeding my child but i also can understand how it must be hard for many women to feel like its ok for them to be doing it as people can be extremely judgemental
I think we society needs to accept the fact that breastfeeding is 'normal'.The term breast is best gets thrown around so much lately people have become desensitised to it all,kind of not even listening.

Breastfeeding is natural,what our bodies were designed to do,and what babies expect.But luckily we live in a world where if this isn;t the case there is a back up.And of course formula has saved many babies lives.

We definatley need a shift in thinking towards breastfeeding,and I think it needs to be promoted as the 'done thing' not something high and mighty,some sort of super power and out of reach to some people.


[quote][b]Posted by:[/b] lil_emma 'its ok for women to wear barely nothing or go topless at the beach yet if a woman exposes a nipple to feed her child she is considered crude.' Good point lil-emma never thought about that!! People walk around in all sorts of revealing clothing and I can't feed a hungry baby with out feeling judged for it!! [Edited on 22/10/2007]
Firstly, I formula feed but for medical reasons so I can not comment on why people choose to formula feed for other reasons. I do, however, get mad at the attitude of many people to feeding a baby in public with either bottle or breast. It seems that no mother can ever get it right! I know some people who have been abused for breastfeeding in public but I also know bottlefeeding mothers who feel the same pressure to always feed in private because of the abuse they get from pro-breastfeeing public members who will openning go up and give long lectures on the benefit of breastfeeding. I think this might speak to a bigger problem with our western society and that is the breakdown of traditional female support networks and the moving of childrearing in general into the public medical sphere. We may say that it takes a tribe to rear a child but we do not want to practise it. Instead we want all children to be kept at home, quiet and out of mind, being stimulated by flash cards, baby videos etc etc, to emerge perfect at the other end. This goes for feeding your child as well. When a busy body decides to tell you their opinion on how you are feeding your baby it is yet another example of our society marginalising parenting and mothers in particular. I just wish people would get a life about it!! If the child is healthy and happy- who cares?

Thanks for your honest answers.
I am surprised to hear that so many are still having issues with public breastfeeding! I always fed my son in public and can honestly say I never had a negative comment about it, even when he was an older baby. Mind you I probably wouldn't have cared anyway, if the baby is hungry they need to feed.
Henry's Mum - I found your comments very interesting. Do you have any ideas how we can open up discussion about breastfeeding without women feeling judged and defensive? I am a real breastfeeding advocate but I would never approach a woman bottle feeding and tell her she is doing the wrong thing - you never know what the story is. It might not even be her child, or she might be feeding a bottle of expressed milk! I will talk to pregnant women about how wonderful I personally found breastfeeding, as I think there needs to be more positive talk about it.

Mama to an '04 boy

Hi ladies. Have a look at the link in the "Take part in this important project" is really interesting, and shows that the govt is becoming aware of the BF problem.
Personally I didn't have any issues BF in public, my attitude is I have every right to be here and do it and if you don't like it too bad. In saying that though I never had any comments or even funny looks. I found it was quite accepted. I fed in restaurants, malls on planes, whereever.
I admit to being judgemental of FFeeding I am of the opinion that everyone who can (ie has no medical reason not to) should. But have often found on talking to FF mums that they often wanted to and gave it ago but the support wasn't there.
I know this isn't what the post was set up for...I have been watching as I am genuinly interested in reasons for not breast feeding...fingers crossed we get some more FF mums in here.
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