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Travelling with expressed milk Lock Rss

Hi, I will be travelling to Sydney next month with my daughter who will be 5 months. I was wondering if anyone has ever travelled overseas with expressed breast milk, do customs let you take it through?
Where do people usually change their babies nappies on the plane?
Does anyone have any ideas of where to express in an airport? are there usually parents rooms?

Rochelle, NZ, baby girl born 22.10.2003

Hi Rochelle
I recently travelled with my son who was 3 mths to NZ and back. Customs don't have a problem with expressed milk or fomula.
You can change your baby in the toilets they have fold down change tables in them, or if getting a bassinette seat which I recommend you can just change the baby in that.
I don't know about about mothers rooms and expressing at the airport. I just expressed as soon as I got to my destination.
I feed my baby just as we were taking of and as soon as I we started to descend, but I recommend that you give your bottles to the air hostess well before takeoff and descending as they seemed to forget about ours and by the time we paged twice for them they were way to hot and needed to be put on ice before we could give it to him meanwile he was crying because his ears were hurting.

Kelly Mum to Connor Brisbane

Thanks Rochelle, my baby will be 6 months when we go airbourne. I never even thought about customs! kiwikell, do we need to declare the milk, even though no probs?

Just one thing I've heard, its recommended that you let baby feed during take-off and landing, as the suction relieves the tension off their ears as they change altitude.... kinda like us having a lolly.

Have a good trip!
Hi Teresa,
I declared my milk because I was unsure, and customs didn't even worry about it.

Kelly Mum to Connor Brisbane

I express every day after the early morning feed and place in sterilized plastic bottles( as i think glass may crack in the freezer) and freeze so when ever i want a bit of free extra hours etc.....I am travelling by plane for the first time with a 4mnth old soon 3hr flight,just take it with you in your baby bag(if its chilled get the hostess to warm it for you just to room temp like your own body temp
.customs will not have any issues with it. why would they??ring them if your unsure.
freshly expressed milk will last 3hrs at room temp,3 to 5 days in the coldest part usually at the back of the fridge and 4,5 months in the freezer. change baby in the airplane toliets ,no dramas.As far as expressing you see it all the time in the ladies toliets at airports especially international flights. have a good trip
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