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How much milk (bottle) is enough? Lock Rss

My 4mth old up until the last couple of weeks had been having 4 - 5 150ml bottles (formula) each day, now she is starting to sleep longer at night so she's only wanting 4 bottles sometimes even 3. I've upped her to 200ml each feed now but i want to know is she getting enough fluid?

nb: i know she is getting enough for her to grow as she is 7.3kg (started at 3.5kg) puts on weight fine, is growing normally & she's donig plenty of wee's but how much fluid is enough for a 7.3kg 4mth old??

sorry, worry wort mum.

NSW, DD May 05 grin

everybub is different in the amount of feeds they have.
use theguide on the back of the formula tin as a general guide only (like karicare says a 4mth old should b having 200mls 5 times a day.)
if your bub is putting on weight and is happy and content and sleeping well, she is most likely getting all she needs. and she will let u know if she wants more.
my little boy is almost 11wks old and he is having about 6 bottles a day ranging from about 75mls-180mls, depending on how hungry he is. ( im still demand bottle feeding, no routine) he is having between 750mls and 800mls a day, last feed being about 10pm then sleeping thru the night.

is she drinking the whole 200mls??? if thats all she want you cant force milk into her, it sounds like you r doing the right thing. go with the flow, if she is not getting enough milk, trust me, she will let u know. gasp)

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