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I have been told to swap to food then bottle for my 7 month old. How long do I wait after food before giving her her bottle. To be honest I don't think she will request it as she quite likes food and this will more than likely fill her. Do I just offer it about 30-50mins after food as I did with the food after her bottle? Also, how mant bottles should she have in the day and amount of mls?. Thanks

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I have just recently swapped my 7 month old to food then bottle but have had a few problems with this as I was finding that she would have the food and was too full afterwards to have the bottle and if I waited about 30 minutes after the food she was too tired and grizzly to take the bottle. ...So I suppose it is what works best for you and baby... I went back to offering milk then food except for her evening meal as she has always eaten well in the evening and at the moment it is working well and she is eating both the solids well and seems to have enough room for her milk doing it this way...My daughter is currently on 4 milk feeds per day with the recommended amount for 7-9 months old being 3-4 bottles per day..I have a feeling that my daughter is going to go to 3 milk foods a day though..
I am a first time mum so it is really very much trial and error for me but thought I would share my experiences with you anyway... Hope this helps

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