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low milk supply Rss

Hey guys i was wondering if anyone knew if there was something i could take for low milk supply? i always thought i had a good milk supply. bubz always had trouble when she was born with my fast flow and now she is 11 weeks old and im having probs with my supply. she isnt gaining much weight and my partners thinks its time for formula but im just not ready to give it up if theres a way of fixing it.
any help would be great. thanx

Firstly, if you are worried about supply get in touch with the australian breast feeding association, they are great, and will give you lots of advice about how to increase your supple.
You can take fenugreek (sp) tablets or tea to help with supply. Get them from your health food store.
Flow does tend to decrease as your body works out how much milk bub needs and stops over producing.
Try feeding more often for a few days (especailly if she is not gaining weight). Scheduling feeds can reduce supply.
use lots of skin to skin contact
feed in the bath (relaxing for both of you)

Hope this helps. Don't give up, and try not to supplement with that will decrease your supply
Expressing after feeds is also a good way of increasing supply as breastfeeding works on a supply and demand basis. I had a low supply around the same time as you and bubs wasn't gaining any weight. So I started expressing more regularly and bubs started gaining 200 grams a week.

If you don't have a pump, an electric one is a good one to invest in. I have an Avent Isis IQ. It's great.
The suggestions from the other 2 ladies is just what I was going to say!!! Remember too that their weight gain does start to slow down around 12 wks. I found that talking to the ABA was great, they advised me to try to feed him much more often during the day. Also for a week I expressed a little after each feed, and between feeds if he went to sleep for more than 30 mins. After a week this upped my supply no end, and he seemed to be interested in feeding more often too.
if you are really having issues (baby not gaining weight or jaundice or obvious lack of milk) you can get some persciption pills called domperidone from the doctor. my pead perscibed them for me with both my kidsstill couldnt breatfeed fully and i did everything. expressed after each feed, took the tablets all that jazz. no luck. i am just not a very good cow.
Get plenty of skin to skin time with babe, make sure you are nice and relaxed for feeding, feed as often as your baby wants to feed, even if it's hourly. Don't try to space the feeds apart to a schedule. You can express between feeds to boost your supply. Fennel / fenugreek is good, you can get it from a health food shop or naturopath. Make sure you are eating and drinking enough yourself.
Also just consider that your oversupply may have resolved, and now you have just the right amount of milk. Weight gain is not always steady, sometimes they have growth spurts and plateau's. Is your baby still having plenty of wet nappies and seems alert and well? If so then you have plenty of milk.
Honestly, breastmilk is the absolutely best thing for your baby, so please keep up the good work! If you have any dramas and need to talk to someone, ring an Australian Breastfeeding Assoc counsellor, it's free for everyone. Or see a lactation consultant, there should be one at your maternity hospital. Good luck!

Mama to an '04 boy


I was having trouble with low milk supply as well, and have just started taking Blessed Thistle. It is available from health food stores and it is working, a couple of the mums in my mothers group are taking it as well and they are having success. Your babies weight does start to drop off at this age though so I now tend to go by the way my baby is behaving as long as he is content and weeing and pooing. Good luck.

Hi there.

I too had trouble with my milk supply. bub fed great while in hospital and for a few weeks when i got home but then i founf that he was unsettled after a feed and always hungry. I talked to my health nurse and she told me to do all the traditional things like feeding more often and drimk plenty and then she told me about a pill that helps. You have to get it from your doctor but there was no hassle. Its called motilium. sually used for morning sickness but they found that it also helps with milk supply.

Hope it helps you.

Hi, this might all be a bit late now but when i thought my supply was low i spoke to a lady from the ABA & this is a few things she told me:
* at around that age baby's weight gain starts to slow down
* baby becomes more efficient & quicker at feeding
* just because your breasts don't feel as full doesn't necessarily mean your supply is low but has adapted to when you feed or how often you feed.
She also told me if i thought my supply was low to feed bub more often as the more often you feed the more milk you will make. Also to keep fluids up especially at the end of a busy day i felt my supply was low so i would drink a bit more water. I didn't actually need to take anything though.
Hope this helps.

try, 1tsp of honey,1 to 2 caps of cider vinegar in warm water, worked wonders for me and refreshing to drink just tastes like lemon and honey drink
can i just say....before you go and artificially increase your supply with tablets....make sure you are eating HEAPS!! A cooked breakfast....scrambled eggs, ham tomato etc. Snacks during the morning...a good lunch, more snacks and a good dinner! EAT EAT EAT!! And drink lots of fluids. I had trouble with supply and the stress of it can make you worry too....this can affect your supply too!! Try to relax, eat lots and if that doesnt work, i used Blessed Thistle......i should say...i ate LOTS and it kept up a good supply, but sometimes you do just get stressed and under pressure and you fporget to eat or you just plain dont get then i used the tablets as a back up only.

Trust me....breastfeeding gets easier! In a fwe months your baby will be in a great routine and your milk will just keep producing without any thought!

I have just weaned my DS (except for a few sucks some nights!) hang in there!

Lots of fluids and a good balanced diet. I am not sure if you get the following here (from RSA) but Blackthorn Berry Excilir helps with milk and energy, Brewer's yeast tablets but becareful of yeast infection and then also the fenugreek.

Then also the more you feed the more you will supply

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