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  5. again guys s26 gold vs karicare gold.need someone to help me decide plz.

again guys s26 gold vs karicare gold.need someone to help me decide plz. Lock Rss

hey guys...for those who didn't read my introduction.i've been overseas & my baby has been on a european formula(bebelac EC) since he was a month n a half old.thats when i dried up.when i came back he's almost 4 months,i couldn't find that one at all.i started him on on NAN gold didnt agree with him.he was bringing most of it up & his poo was greenish grey & VERY SMELLY.i went to the maternal clinic & the nurse told me now he's older he needs sth heavier so she put him on s26 gold.a friend told me it's known to cause constipation coz it's cow protiebn dominant & really heavy.i heard & read all sorts of praises about karicare baby hasn't pood since b4 yest u think i should judge the s26??do u think i should try karicare.i'm just so confused & want the best for only concern though is if it's light,does that mean he'll have the same problem he had with nan coz it was also light???sorry guys i'm a new mom & really confused.would appreciate ur advice.

randa,vic,26 mth old beautiful boy

My baby was on S26 Gold when he was bought home from hospital and he was constipated, there is something extra that adds to the constipation, but it happens with most formulas they said, so don't worry too much, they told me babies have to adapt to formala, in your case a formula change, the formula he was on, is prob diff to the ones over here!
My boy was also on Nan in hosp, but he didn't have a prob with it!
We gave him S26 at home, it was easier to get at most places, than the nan was,and then he wa on S26 AR. He is now 12 months old and is back on nan after he was taken off his AR formula at 8 months, he is on stage 2 and Toddler.
i have heard there is something about Karicare formula, but i think it's to do with the Karicare 3, not sure!
You'll only find out through trial and error, every baby is dif and react to things differently!
If you want to stick with S26, try giving him watered down prune juice or something to help with the constipation!
Good luck!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

Hi curious mom

I was told by a health nurse that the S26 brand has a lot of starch in it … the best one to use is Karicare second is Heinz then S26.

My baby is currently 4 months and was brought up on S26 gold until 2 weeks ago when I was told that. I now use Heinz Gold. If you really want to know the difference have a look at their tins at the supermarket …. with the measurements of vitamins etc.

Heinz out weighs S26 gold plus they dont contain starch with doesn’t help babies little bodies. Its really helped changing her formula and she doesn’t need drops for constipation which was almost a daily basis.

Hope this is a little help

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

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