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Anyone tried Karicare Thickener?? Rss

My DS is b/f and has reflux, taking Zantac 3 times a day. CHN suggested maybe giving him Karicare Thickener before feeds and see if that helps as well. Anyone ever used it before? Apparently you mix it up with water and spoon feed before feeds which is good cause LO wont take the bottle.

I'm wanting to know what it's like for reflux too.

i tried the karicare thickener for my bubs silent reflux I added it to formula, although my friend who breastfed used to express a little breastmilk and add to the thickener and give on a teaspoon some before and after breastfeeding. It apparently helped her bub to keep a bit more milk in the tummy. I found with my bub though it actually made it harder for her to burp and rather than swallowing the reflux back down (which she tended to do), it seemed to aggravate the pain side of things by staying what sounded like in her throat as she was sucking on her dummy constantly. Worth a try though, as they say all bubs are different.
Yeah I think I'll bite the bullet and go get some, saw it for $11 at the chemist which isn't too bad. I'll let you know how I go.

We used Karicare Thickener with our son when he had reflux, he was bottle fed though so we just mixed some in with his formula and it worked really well for us, his vomiting improved greatly he would still throw up a bit but not as much as before, but yeah just try it and give it a go maybe see what works for you...

Good Luck!

I gave him some Thursday night by making it into a gel and spoon feeding it to him. He thought it was great! It has no taste and I just mixed it with cooled boiled water but he seemed to have no dramas. Then yesterday I only gave it to him once again at night as we were out in the day and I didn't get organised and pack it before we left (you have to mix it right before giving it or it gets too thick apparently) This one seemed to do a lot better. I gave it to him after the feed instead of before like the first time. He has a cold today and is snuffly and coughing so I haven't attempted to give it to him and he just wants cuddles and comfort but will make a conscious effort to do it all feeds tomorrow and let you know if it is indeed working smile

Hi there,

My DD had reflux and would bring up milk after everyfeed no matter how long I sat her up for after a breastfeed and no matterwhat I did. I tried the Karicare thickner and it was AMAZING. I bought a teet medicine cup from big W (its like a teet attched to a dummy which screws onto a little medicine cup) and expressed and mixed it with the thickner and gave it to my daughter before a feed, she guzzled it down and it stopped her reflux, i initially gave it to her before every feed, then every second feed and then finally i didnt have to use it again. I cannot reccomend it highly enough. I had seen so many dr and health care people about her reflux and this worked wonders.


My children are so precious

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