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I have a little girl who will be 10 months by the time I return to work. Currently she is breastfeed and normally still takes at least 2 feeds a day of breast milk. She will not take a bottle and only takes sips from her sippy cup only when she wants to, otherwise it ends up on the floor with her toys. She is also breastfed to sleep, but I am planning on changing that. I would still like to continue breastfeeding, but as she will be going to childcare and due to work I will be required to an overnight stay at least once a month. Does anyone have any ideas on helping me to wean my little one off the boob altogether? I am due to return to work early Feb 08, but am planning on putting her into childcare in mid Jan 08. Any help would be appreciated.
maybe from now until you go to work get ehr used to a sippy cup by trying little bits at a time of either EBM or formula (whichever your chosing to do), she will get used to it but it might be a bit of a challenge to begin with.
I didnt breastfeed for very long with haleigh so im not sure if my advice is right but thats how i got haleigh to stop drinking from a bottle so I hope it works for you smile

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James


your situation sounds quite similar to mine, so i'm interested in other peoples suggestions.

My DD is currently 9 months and having 3 feeds a day. I'm more than happy to continue morning and night for as long as she wants, but the middle feed will need to be EBM or formula. I gave her EBM in a sippy cup (the bottle is not a popular choice) the other day. She happily drank it (i think becuase it was the first time) but like her water, most of it she sips then spits. I'm worried she won't get enough while at childcare.

Today i'm trying formula in a sippy cup.
I was planning to try and express at work to continue EBM until she is old enough for cows milk, but unsure how practical this is going to be.

Has anyone got any tips or suggestions?

Also, when would it be ok to try cows milk to drink, for one feed a day??

Jessica was in CC 5 days per week for a while. She was the same, no bottle only boob. I droped in to BF her every 2-3 hours. It was a really good way to ensure she was getting enough milk, meeting the carers and dealing with any seperation anxiety as 'mummy would be back soon'. She was a little younger though. If I was in your shoes I would see if you could BF her once a day, talk to the CC centre & your work and orgainse a plan. There is no real reason why you have to give it up unless you want to, solids & water will get her through the rest of the day anyway, and a BF before work, at lunchtime & after work should see her through comfortably. Just make sure you leave some frozen expressed breast milk at the CC too, just incase. For overnight, I'd be leaving some frozen expressed BM with your partner, if that doesn't work he may be able to give her farax or custard just to fill her up.. 1 night a mth isn't too bad as long as it doesn't become a habit in my opinion.

Oh, and JMO but I think cows milk is only ok after 12mths for a feed.

I am in the same kind of situation as you are, I am due to go back to work in late January for 3 days a week. I have decided to only feed my DS in morning and at night feeds, therefore cutting out either 1 or 2 day feeds - depending on him. This week I tried him on formula both in a bottle and in several sippy cups, he didn't want a bar of any of them. I even tried BF him then swapping him onto the bottle but he's too smart for that. DS is 9 months old and I am seriously considering putting him on cows milk for those day feeds, he has drunk his sisters milk out of sippy cups before so I know he likes it, he also eats PLENTY of food. I know I'm not suppose to until he's 12 months but I can't EBF and he won't take formula so I think that's my only option.
Does anyone have a strong reason as to why I shouldn't give him normal milk?

Cassy n Matty

its because it can cause allergys and to do with your child's gut. everything is just a guide line.

what about putting the formula in your daughters cup just to see if its the cup if he thinks he is stealing it. does he drink water out of a sipper cup/??
Hi ya,

She is at an age where your supply should be able to cope well wit the change; even the one overnight a month. Is she having 2 feeds a day in addition to the one at night or is it 2 feeds all day? Some babies do what is known as reverse cycling in which they will only take enough milk while away from mum to "take the edge off" and wait for mum to return. Would it be possible for her to have a bf before being dropped off in the morning and then being offered say water throughout the day instead?

If you want to wean her completely then don't do it all at once. Your body may be able to cope, but it may not and you may get transported back to the early days when you have hard melons for boobs. LOL Drop one feed at a time, for at least 3 days before trying to drop another one. If you do become engorged, express off just enough to make yourself comfortable but DO NOT empty the breast because that will tell your body it still needs that milk when in fact you don't want it. This website might also have some helpful advice:

Good luck, and I have to go back to work mid Feb and not looking forward to it at all. <span class="emoticon sad">sad</span>


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