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hi there
my little boy (3mths) is botttle feed and he used to drink heaos but lately he has only wanted 75-100mls per feed, and willl refuse to drink nemore. i took him to the clinic y'day and they told me he is not putting on "enough" weight ( 140gms in 7days) and he is not drinking "enough".
i got crucified for giving him water to drink, and that i sholuld mroe or less b forcing milk into him.
i cant see how i can.
he was 3.48kgs at birth and is 3mths and only 5.44kgs now. i do agree with them i think he does need to put onw eight, but i dont kow how.
should i put him on solids?? or mayb thicken his formula??
im pulling my hair out
please help
I am having a weight problem with my son too. Though he is older, he hadn't put any weight on for 4 months.
Going from 3.4kg at birth to 5.4kg in 3 months doesn't seem to be a problem, isn't that still following a line on the charts? (Just under the 50th percentile?)
Bradyn if his weight and height matched he should be 2-3 kg heavier, but dad is tall and skinny so he is just taking after he dad.
I too have found that there are periods where Bradyn doesn't drink much from a bottle (I was asked to try to add an extra bottle during the day) bubs won't drink if they're not hungry, you just can't force it all you can do is try again later.
My clinic nurse said they only start to worry if the weight gain crosses two lines on the chart, or if they are obviously not thriving (not happy or developing or growing) or they are continuously throwing up after every meal. If your bubs is doing none of these then the best thing you can do is just monitor his weight, unfortunately these days of legal actions some nurses do opt on the side of caution, not necessarily a bad thing though.
Sorry about the essay
Hope I have helped
Oh also I wouldn't start giving food to try and put weight on bubs, it can actually take a while for them to be able to start digesting it, so you'd just be fulling him up with no benefit. Stick with milk. I think there are certain formulas designed to add more weight if it becomes a problem.

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

Hey Jodi
Your bub doesn't seem that bad in the weight catergory. My bub is 4 months and was 4kg when she was born and now weights 6.5kg. I remember my my telling me that sometimes we (my sister and I) wouldn't put on weight and the nurses told her to b/f us for at least 20mins but we wouldn't.
As long as baby is happy I would just stick with what you are doing. Sometimes my bub doesn't eat much and I get worried that she is starving but she is all smiles and giggles so obviously she is happy. It's so hard being a mum sometimes.
I probably wouldn't start solids yet. I think they say to at least wait until 4 months but if you can to wait until 6 months. He doesn't seem starving thou if he wont drink any more than what you are giving him so there isn't a need to start solids yet.
Don't stress and just enjoy feeding him. I don't think his weight is that bad, at least he is putting on weight. I think the most my bub has put on is 200gms/week and I was rapt with that.
Good luck and take care.
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