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I am about to return to work, my son is 4 months old. Although my mother in law is looking after him i want to continue feeding him at night and in the morning. My mother in law will give him bottles of formula during the day. I do not have the flexibility at work to express as i am a teacher in a primary school, therefore i cannot give my child expressed milk. Can any one tell me if it is possible to feed twice a day without the milk drying up. I am feeling a little guilty returning to work and that i cannot feed my child during the day hence i still want some closeness times.
My daughter's now almost 11 months old and when she was 7 months I started her on the bottle. She is still having 2 bottles during the day and 2 b/fs at night (one before she sleeps and one when she wakes up during the night). I'm having no problems with the milk supply.
Hope this helps!!!!!!

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

hi my3boys,
I started giving my 7 mth old 2 bottles at night and breastfeeds during the day and my milk supply is fine. Your boobs adjust to your routine so you will be fine. I do suggest that you start the routine about 3 or so days before you work as then you will give time for your boobs to settle. They will feel a little full at the start and that way atleast you won't be uncomfortable at work and should of settled by then.

christina - 3 darling children

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