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How many bottles. Lock Rss

Hey everyone,
Just curious as to how many bottles your 7 month old little ones are having for the day.Monique is on 3 - 4 but she is only having 150mls if that she can never finish off a bottle it has been like this for the past few months.With solids she has the rice cereal in the morning then yoghurt in the afternoon she is not interested in anything else as much as i have tryed.Like to know what other mums do.

Hi there,
My twins are just over 12 months now, but I have recently put them on to three bottles a day, as I struggled with Madison for months with her not drinking enough. Anyway now that she is on three bottles a day she is drinking them alot better, so maybe cut down her bottles to morning, lunchtime and a night and try offering her about 200mls each time. With the milk feeds my twins are also having cereal and fruit for breakfast, Farex banana custard and fruit for morning tea, afternoon tea is yoghurt and more fruit, also they have a biscuit or rusk and tea time is meat and vegies, this way if Madison doesn't have all her bottles completly she isn't starving....LOL......I hope this helps.

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