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heating up water for formula when out and about Lock Rss

Hello everyone

Of late it seems when i go and ask at a cafe to heat up the water for my little girls formula they say they are not allowed to and I have to stand there for ages with a bucket of boiling water which takes so long to heat up the water

sometimes I am near a baby change room and i can use the microwave in there but often I am not near one

just wondering if this has happened to other people



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

I boil water and then put it in a thermos when we go out. The only problem is that we have to wait for it to cool down! We did this when we went to the show and 9 hours later (yes, 9 hours) the water was still burning so I had to listen to DD moan and groan cause she really really wanted the bottle and it was too hot!

I experienced the same problem when i first had my daughter until i finally thought of a thermos which i fill with hot water and i have her bottle that is filled with cold, i then empty some water from the bottle and top it up with the hot water, that way you dont have to wait for the bottle to heat or cool, i brought the thermos from kmart for around $8.00.
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