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When to go to 4 hourly feeds? Lock Rss

My twins are 4 months old, and today i have tried 4 hourly feeds, its been friggin caotic to say the least.

Should i keep persavering with the 4 hourly feeds or do they eventually do it on there own?

When they were 3 hourly they would only stay awake for an hour have a crappy sleep then be really chuck by the end of the day!

Im just at a loss as to what to do! So if anyone has anyadvice please tell me!

Thanks Shelly.

Mum to Taniesha & Braydon born on the 8th June 05

Firstly Shelly, congrats on the twins.

Are they breastfed or are they bottle fed? If they are breastfed, i wouldn't be insisting they go to 4 hourly feeds just yet. My 8 month old still rarely goes 4 hours between feeds. He is having 2 solid feeds a day and snacks on the breast whenever he wants.

I suppose with two of them, its a lot harder to take the 'whenever they want it' approach, as you would constantly be feeding one of them.

Good luck with it, but at this age, i wouldn't be rushing it. They will eventually get to that stage on their own.

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

Hi Shelly

I only have one DD so I'm not really sure how it all works with twins. My DD is just about 5 months and she basically put herself on to 4 hour feeds. She gets up about 7am and will stay awake for a couple of hours and then sleep for another couple of hours. In the afternoon she will sometimes have a feed 3 hourly but in the morning it is always 4 hours.
So basically I just let her tell me what she wanted. I'm not sure if you do that with twins or you have to be more scheduled.
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