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Too fussy at bedtime feed Lock Rss

I don't know why, but my five month old daughter has begun being too tired to feed properly before her bedtime. Even if she has a late afternoon nap, she fusses so much during her bedtime feed that it's almost impossible to feed her. Then I put her in bed and she goes straight to sleep (and she sleeps through the night now). I feed her in her room with the lights low which seemed to help before, but now it's really tricky again. It's like all she wants to do is go to sleep (which I'm not complaining about!!!), but I feel like she's not getting a good feed beforehand. Any ideas? I suppose she must be getting enough, otherwise she would want feeding during the night, but she starts to fuss within about two minutes of the feed and I have to keep calming her down to get a bit more milk into her. What should I do?

WA, daughters born May 2005 and June 2007

Hey Carra

How many feeds is she getting a day? My daughter has about five feeds a day now but the last feed I give her the breast which she has a little bit of and then change her nappy and give her the bottle which she has about 140ml.
Maybe she is content with the feeds she is getting and you could drop the last feed. I'm always nervous about doing that just in case she gets up in the night. You could try it and see how it goes.
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