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breast milk curdling? Lock Rss

Hi just wanting to know what's happening to my breast milk, every now & again i will express some milk then pop it in the fridge, wen i take it out to be used it seems to curdle, i have tried not heating it, doesn't matter if i leave it for few hours or over night it still does it, has any 1 else had this problem or now what's happening???smile
Are you sure it is actually curdling?

Breastmilk will separate when expressed into a bottle. You get a watery looking under layer and a thick white creamy layer on top. That is normal and is not curdling. Just shake it and it should mostly mix together with a few little flecks of the richer thicker milk in it.

[Edited on 10/01/2008]

I'm with Dee on this one, it is probably just the milk separating, truly spoiled milk will smell sour so if you just give it a swirl then it should be fine. I read somewhere that you shouldn't shake breastmilk too hard as it does something to the cells in the milk. I just swirl mine and it comes back together fine.

Here are a couple of links for you that show how breastmilk looks when expressed and refrigerated and one as to what happens if you shake the milk to mix it.


hi, thanks 4 reply, yeah its perfectly fine wen i express it in 2 bottle etc, it does it seperating thing, it only looks curdled wen i go to use it after shaking it, maybe i shake it 2 hard??
hi, thanks 4 reply, no its not the separating of the milk, it actually looks curdled after i take it out of fridge and shake it, next time i will just give it a swirl i will check out the sites, thanks
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Yes, agree with the replies on your comment. I would refridgerate or freeze it immediately after expressing, if i could. But I’ve left it out an hour or two plenty of times with no apparent issues. Almost always the milk separates pretty quickly. Also before feeding my baby I warm up the milk in a bottle kept in a water bath. once warmed up the separated milk would come together again. I usually give it a shake and test on my wrist before feeding. If the milk is still slightly separate, there will be a stream flow of the watery part the bottle. I would warm that a bit more and the milk flow becomes more normal (drop by drop in my case).
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