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Still No Bottle Lock Rss

Hi All.

Just wondering if anyone has any 7 month old boy wakes every hour during the night and has done now for the past month even longer. During the night I breastfeed him but he will only take one breast and then goes back to sleep. I have tried so many times to give him a bottle of formula thinking it will fill him up but he just will not have anything to do with the bottle absolutely refuses!!!! He has been on solids since 4.5 months old and he now has 6-7 ice cubes of chicken and vege every night at 5pm then bed at 6.30pm. Please help me, very tired and I have a toddler to run around after also aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!
This must be so frustrating for you. Does he have bottles any other time of the day? Maybe bub wants to suckle and not feed. He might not be hungry at all. I am wondering whether you have tried a dummy? Just a suggestion. My bub is only 5mths and is a bottle refuser as well! And mums supposed to be looking after her next week! mmm...

Whataheart - Girls16/1/00, 28/4/05 & 04/09/08

My son would rather starve than drink from a bottle. I even tried a cup but no such luck. I have though just recently had some luck with settling my son at night (last night he even slept through for the first time in months).

I feed him his solids 2 hours after a full breastfeed (eg both sides). After feeding him the solids I top him up with breast milk. That worked for me.

Also I have heard people say that if they changed their bubs bed sheets to nuetral colours (eg white, cream etc) instead of the bright sheets like green and blue bub slept better. Taking away mobiles and any toys too may help as it may be a little distracting. Or perhaps you could also try putting a fish tank near the cot, the sound of water is very calming, or if you don't have fish you can buy the sound therapy machines (I think they are like $20) and they play rainforest sounds, river, brook, ocean, rain etc.

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