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formula and microwaves Lock Rss

I was wondering if anyone makes up their baby's formula and puts it in the fridge for later that day, and if they microwave it to heat it up? I've been doing that and my baby is putting on weight and is happy but some people tell me different stories, I just hope I'm not zapping all the nutrients, is this just a myth?

Bianca, vic, David 9/8/05, Alexandra 6/5/96

Yeah - I did it too until someone told me the same thing about the nutrients. Now I just put the water in the fridge and heat that in the microwave and then add the formula (which I have already measured out in those formula containers).

I use to keep cool boiled water in the bottles and then heat the water only in the microwave then add the formula. I had no problems with doing that, only that i wish i thought of it earlier than when bella was 6 months old! Before that i use to heat it in a jug of boiling water which sometimes felt like for ever, escpecially with a hungry newborn!!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

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