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How much does your 9month old eat?? Lock Rss

You may have read my post 'Help. Feeding dillema'. To add to that im also very worried that I am now 'over feeding' my daughter because shes not having her milk.

For breakfast she will have a small bowl of muslie, a large pureed fruit, a yogurt, toast and a small juice.

Lunch, a large jar of heinz fruit then a large jar of chicken and vegies (for example) a jam sandwich and juice.

For dinner, a large jar of vegies and maybe a small custard, small fruit and a juice.

I am in two minds about whether this is ok for a 9 month old baby.

What are your thoughts and how much does your bub eat everyday???
I think milk is still the baby's most important nutrition at 9 months. I did read once that you solids up until bub is 12 months is really just for taste not nutrition.

If I was you I would really push your little girl to drink her milk and perhaps not offer so much food to her (that does seem a bit much to me), that way she is hungry and maybe it might be easier to feed her the milk.

Keep us updated.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

I asked my CHN about food (just last week) and she said they will eat and drink when they are hungry and you cannot force them. She also said that it is not possible to over feed them at this age cause they can't fit it in so it will just come back up.

I would just make sure you are giving her some yoghurt and cheese so she gets her dairy intake.

AND... I wish my 'hard to feed' 'won't eat lumps' 'small appetite' DD would take a leaf out of your DD's book!

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