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when to stop breastfeeding Lock Rss

hi everyone,
my daughter is now 9mths and 1 week and has three breastfeeds during the day and is on comp feed at night feed. i'm considering droping the day feeds too and only doing the morning feed. my daughter is playing around when feeding from me during the day and doesn't drink well from me, except the morning feed. i feel guilty but i know she has gotten a good start to life whith 9 mths of breast milk. but i'll also miss it. should i just keep going or wean? i dont know once you stop all those feeds it'll be hard to go back.
what does everyone think


I had to stop feeding my son at 3 months and i also felt guilty and it was hard to let go but I had to do it for his sake. Dylan is 7 weeks and i give hoim abottle feed every now and then so he gets use to the bottle and that also makes me feel guilty. IN toddler, " feeding your toddler" there is a post on feeding older children.
They say u only NEED to feed till bubs is 6 months so she has well and truly gotten a good start.. anything else is just a bonus.. maybe u coulod drop the day feeds and just keep the night time one as a special time before bed? DOnt feel guilty, u have done more than enough for your daughter.. u need to be happy too..
A happy mummy is a good mummy...
good luck and I hope all goes well whatever you choose..

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

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