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Is one breastfeed a day possible? Lock Rss

Hi there Kroons

I breastfed Lachie until he was about 13 months old. For the last month I was only giving him one feed per day - but it was the first one in the morning. It felt like there was nothing there - until I dropped that feed altogether! By lunchtime on the first day I felt really engorged which is really unusual for me. So I had to give him a quick feed just to relieve the pressure. So for the next few days I kept giving him the first feed but reduced the time so my milk would dry up. So for me one feed per day worked out fine. Hope Alistair is doing well smile .

Take care
i have breastfeed my baby who is now 4 months old from day 1 but about 2-3 weeks ago she got so fussy that she was pulling off screaming and just wouldnt feed off me at all except for her first morning feed i soon relised this was because i wasnt refilling after the first feed i tried n tried everythig that i could to increase my supply but it didnt n still hasnt (if anyone knows any ways 4 me to try to increase my supply i would love to hear from them.) but i still give her a morning feed and have for the past two or so weeks
i hope i have helped in all my rambling so i have no probs with only the 1 feed a day (although i would love for it to be more.)

danielle nsw dd 24/6/05, dd 26/7/06

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