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Dont want to breast feed want to go straight to formula feed Lock Rss

My second child is due in April and we have decided we dont want to even try to breast feed this time round - want to go straight onto formula feed. Has anyone done this in hospital? If so what has been the reaction? Did they make you give the baby the colustrum (before the milk comes in - not sure of the spelling). I want to also put my newborn on ar ha formula as I did with my son, as before we found out he had reflux the first three months were a nightmare. I could breast feed my son, milk poured out of me and he hated the breast and I was so upset having all of the nurses poking my body and giving me too much advice. I tried expressing and that was awful. I had to recover from a c section and the aftermath from having pre eclampsyia hit me hard too! When I put him on formula we never looked back. I dont want to feel like an outcast for not wanting to breastfeed but I feel this is the right decision for me. What responses have you had re not wanting to breastfeed?
well i am a seasoned bf'der, so no personal experiences here, but when i was in hopsp with ds a fellow new mum didnt want to bf, the midwifes pushed her so hard she just sort of cracked it. i said straight up 'if you dont want to bf, then dont, they will not be with you at home and its your baby so bugger it, you do what you feel is right for your baby!' so that is my advice to you matey, do what you want! its only going to get you into knots worrying otheerwise. and dont let anyone around here hassle you either!!!! another friend i have never bf. she said her milk never even came in so not sure if that has anything to do with colostrum as they never expressed this either at hopspital...... let us know how you get on!

Thanks so much for your reply - you have made me feel a lot better about my decision. I suppose I just pack formula and bottles for the hospital and tell the nurses to nick off - but I have also heard with your second child they do leave you alone more than your first.
they cant make you do anything, so if you are 100% sure you dont want to feed, flat out refuse, they may be able to give you a tablet to stop your milk coming in.

Just make sure it really what you want, cos once its done, its damned hard to switch to boob.

But yeah, like I say, they cant make you do anythign, but there is a form to sign saying you will give formula.
are you having pre natel appointments - if so you should tell them you won't be breast feeding, and ask about the first breast feed cause it's supposed to help bub do first poo, but stick to your guns you dont have to defend your decions to anyone : )
A friend of mine bottle fed from the start. Her hospital requested that she bring in a tin of the formula she wanted to use.

The hospital I went to did the same and they also had formula there.

With both of my kids I decided in hospital not to breastfeed. With my son I was pushed to keep going but with my daughter they just accepted what I wanted and gave me lots of support in my decision. I had different midwives both times so I think that had a lot do do with the reaction.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

Hi, I told the midwife at my first meeting that I was bottle feeding straight away and not breast feeding whatsoever. I was prepared to battle it our but she didnt even question it, just said to bring in my own formula on the day but they provided bottles.

When I went into the labour room the first thing I said was I was bottle feeding as I didn't want them to expect me to feed her myself straight away, I had left all my things in the car not actually thinking I was in labour but the midwife (different to the first) said thats ok they would get her a bottle when she was born, which they did no questions asked, and my husband did the first feed.

Have to say the hospital I went to was great (was public), they didnt even question my decision just showed me where I could prepare and clean my bottles. It was a great experience and one I wasn't expecting to go smoothly.

Just do whatever you are comfortable with, no-one can force you to do things with your body, I have worked in childcare all my life and have always known I would never want to breastfeed and so was very definite I wouldn't be pushed into it! Was also good that I didn't have to wait in hospital for my milk to come in and was home in under 24 hours with a happily bottled fed baby.

Good Luck.


With my first child i was pushed to breast feed & i also hated them just grabbing my breast out to feed my son. I had a c-section so couldnt sit real well & couldnt get him. I didn't have any milk & my poor ds was starving. I said that i wanted to bottle feed after that & they wouldn't let me, they made me express & still nothing come out. There was 1 nurse that said i could try a bottle after seeing how upset i was. My husband feed our ds & ds slept for 4 hours. So i told them he was going to stay on the bottle. I got a lot of bad reaction for that.
So anyway after that bad experience i was determined not to breast feed the second time. I told them straight from the start i was going to bottle feed & they didnt question me. I just had to bring bottles (not wide ones cos the teat isn't long enough) & formula. But when i had ds2 they kept asking if i wanted to breast feed. i kept saying no & they got over it. no bad experiences.
It's better having baby #2 you dont get pushed around cos you know what your doing

My 3 beautiful boys DS1-05, DS2-.07 & DS3-09


I just want to say, I agree totally with others, that it's your decision and your body. Nobody can make that choice for you. I fully support the decision to formula feed from birth!

I just want to add a few things about how the breastfeeding process works, mainly for the benefit of mothers who may be considering breastfeeding and reading this thread.

Colostrum is pretty much the most nutritious substance known to man. It's all baby needs for the first few days, and it's completely normal for milk to not come in for a few days, up to ten days, so a child will never starve on colostrum. Around 2-3mls of colostrum is equivalent to 60mls of formula, but with added live antibodies, it's that concentrated.

Also, they won't be able to prescribe tablets to you for your milk to dry up, as these are potentially dangerous in the 6 week post-partum period, as they can cause haemorrhages after child birth.

Expressing and bottle feeding may seem like an easy option, but it really is a very difficult option, that you need to be very determined to be able to master.

Dependent on the hospital you attend, some hospitals are classified as 'baby friendly', generally meaning that they are more geared towards baby staying with mum 24hrs and rooming in, lots of skin contact, and breastfeeding. You may find more opposition to choosing not to breastfeed if your hospital is part of the baby friendly hospital initiative.

Consider whether if you have a midwife or nurse who tries to get you to breastfeed your baby, how you will feel about that. Would you be happy to just breastfeed your baby colostrum?

Hope some of that helps, and good on you one and all for doing what you all consider to be best for your bubs!


I agree with the others too, it's your decision and your baby. Just thought I'd share my experiences with you though.

DS1 was bf from day dot but he was a lazy feeder, had jaundice, colic and reflux and would scream after every feed. In short, he was alot of hard work. LOL We had to work really hard at our bf relationship and when he was 4 weeks old got some rubbish advice and he had one ff per day until he was 5 months and I went back to work. He continued to have 2 bf a day until he was almost 10 months old, and he had formula during the day bc I was rubbish at expressing.

DS2 has been ebf since birth and we have had absolutely no problems with him and he has known what to do from the word go. I gave birth to them both naturally (no relevance really-can't think of how else to put it so please don't yell at me LOL) and they are as different as night and day when it came to bf so I guess that what I am trying to say is don't make a decision based purely on what happened last time as you may be pleasantly surprised this time around.

At the end of the day it is your body and your baby and you have to do what's best for all of you.


Hi I had my first baby and with the same situation I didn't have any milk for BF they poked and squeezed with no results. So I had my 2nd bub in September and told them straight away that I was not BF only Bottle Feeding and they pretty much left me to do that. A couple of Nurses tried to get me to BF but just stick to your guns if you don't want to BF then don't. I also felt that I should have tried for the 2nd one as she was a totally different baby and I did have my milk come in. So it was bottle fed all the way for her not even a first BF my midwife told me if I was not going to BF at all then you should not have any stimulation at all on the Breasts. Take cool showers etc...

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

It has been so nice reading all of the responses to your post and I agree completely that it is up to you what you anything that makes a mother more stressed is not going to help her baby. I had a few issues with my baby when he was born - he had low blood sugar and so was fed formula right from the start - by tube and by was very hard to get him to breastfeed as a result at the start. I have been partially breastfeeding him for 3 months (my milk supply is sh*t!)and am just getting to the stage where it is just too hard and stressful - he is having his second "nursing strike" in 2 weeks. It takes some strength to make the decision not to breastfeed just because of all the "holier than thou" breastfeeders/nurses/etc that seem to have a view on everything and judge you....but it is really none of their business. Sounds like you might now have the strength to tell them to naff off. I hope I will too, as I am just making the decision to wean completely.
Good luck (-;
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