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How best to stop producing milk? Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I am wanting your advice on stopping the milk supply. I have been expressing so bubs is already weaned off the autual breasts but still taking breast milk via bottle. she is happy with formula too and I now want to stop the need to express. Can anyone give me advice on the fastest and most comfortable way to do this please? Cheers

i stopped feedin my bub wen he was 7 wks old( cold turkey)and b4 i stopped i had a VERY healthy supply so as u can imagine my breasts became quite full.
my tips are:
* take regular panadol ( 4hrly) even if u aren't in pain (it will keep on top of it)
* wear a really tight bra ( allow for no movement) i ended up wearing a normal bra then 2 sports bras and a scarf wrapped round really tight ( i could jump up and down and they wouldn't move!!)
*cabbage leaves, put them in the crisper part of your fridge, put them in your bra and take them out wen they become warm
* have a shower with really hot water on your breasts
* DONT express, ( even a littel bit) as it will make your breasts thing that they need to produce more milk
* try not to rub or scratch your breasts, just try to leave them alone.
* reduce your fluid intake for a few days ( opposite to breast feeding) and avoid hot drinks.

umm thats all i can think of i did
i was in soo much pain for 2 days then it went away, it took about 6days for my breasts to feel normal again.
it will hurt but not for long, it will go away.

hope this helps

hi, i gave up breast feeding VERY slowly, not my fault, bubs didn't want my boob! I wouldn't reccomend the tight bra thing as that could leed to mastitis, very painful. try expressing when your boobs are full and only a little. i cut down the feeds to just one at night, my boobs were full at that time. bubs didn't take much and thats how i stoped. also i heard the pill reduced your milk suply quite alot, almost drys you up! good luck.
Good luck with doing want you need to do. I didn't have this problem, I stop trying to feed and there is no milk a few days later.

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I had to do this after feeding twins-they were only about three weeks but i had enough milk for an army. For the first few days i fed when it got unbearable, but just enough to ease the pressure. Then when the engorgement stopped i just ran hot water over them in the shower, found this relieved the little bit of pressure left. And wear a bra and good breast pads at all times, you leak a lot!

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