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how long can you keep bottles? Lock Rss

Hi there!!
DS is 13 mths and slowly starting to drink toddlers milk and small amounts of cows milk using his sippy cup.
I am trying to reduce his bottles slowly.

I am expecting another baby in July, and DH thinks it is OK to keep DS's bottles for the next baby - just wash and sterilise them like before (and of course get new teats).

Anyone done this? Or anyone know if it is safe?
I think I'd prefer allnew bottles, b ut DH thinks its money we don't need spending???


Mum to Hayden (21mths) and Brodie (10wks)

I used the same bottles for both my bubs but they were mostly breastfed so the bottles weren't used a lot.
If they are sterilised properly they would be just as good as new bottles. I would not waste money if I were you.
I kept all the bottles that DS used. When DD was born 4 years later I ended up buying new ones because I wanted too, not because there was anything wrong with the old ones. I gave them to a friend of mine who has used them with no problems, she just replaced the teats.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

I see why not you cant keep the bottles as long they were looked after and sterilized grin As you said just by new teats.

My sister bought Avent bottles for her DS3 and when finished with them she gave them to me to use with my DS1. I just steralized as normal and replaced all teats. I am now using the same bottles (new teats again) with my DS2 5yrs later. I have had no problems, bottles still look as good as new. However, when my DS2 finishes with them I will dispose of them as I'm not keen on recycling for a 4th time.

Daniy, VIC

I see no prob with using the bottles again, I would sterilise them and just buy new teats as you have said!!!
I used the bottle of my first daughter for my dd too... I don't think its much of a problem specially if you have quality bottles (mine is from cherub baby) and it can last long enough. And your DH is right, it may be money not needed to be spent.
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