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Not wanting to Eat much Lock Rss

Can any one help my almost 3 month old who use to be a great eater and sleeper (sleeping through the night since 4 weeks old) is not wanting to eat much of her bottle and almost always falls asleep feeding. She has been on 4 bottles of 200mls for nearly 5 weeks and she almost always finished them. Now i am lucky if she is finishing 150mls and she has also started waking during the night. I usually go in a stick the dummy in and she goes back to sleep but i don't want her to rely on this as i don't usually use it. Is this just a faze she is going through. PLEASE HELP.

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I seem to remember my little boy being a little "different" at about that age, and then found when we went for his visit at the Maternal health centre that he had had a growth spurt. Maybe she is doing that. "they" do say that babies grow in their sleep, so maybe that is what she is doing. I alsways figure as long as bubbie is happy then I am happy, so if your bubbie is happy I wouldnt worry to much. As for waking during the night - not sure what to recommend, maybe a dream feed at 10 or 11pm ish to get her through since she isnt drinking as much during the day?
Good luck

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