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i breast feed my baby who is five months.I would like to slowly wean off onto formula but he will not take it. he obviously does not like taste. Is there a brand where the milk is more like breast milk?
Hi Jack's mum
My youngest son is now five months old, about four weeks ago i was faced with the same problem. Did you you try having someone else feed him the formula, sometimes the smell of your milk means they wont drink anything else. And have you tried a variety of teats as the shape can be problem to some babies. I had to return to work after only breast feeding. Sam didn't seem to like formula but i kept persisting and eventually he took it because he was hungry. Now he has formula and breast milk without difficulties. Good luck
hi Jacks mum... at 6.5 months my son rejected me n went straight onto s26 alpha pro gold... with no problems... before that tho (like 2 or so weeks) i tried to offer him a bottle and he wouldnt take it..
do try to get someone else to try him... if he smells your milk he will want that!

i got told at my chemist that the gold version of each brand is designed for breast fed babies...

Mummy Of A Pigeon Pair

My sister in law combined breast and bottle, and was told to use heinz nurture, but definitely not sma as it's casein based.

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