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Hi all - just wondering if any other nearly 5 mth olds are having variable feeding times. Harrison is breastfed and many of the day time feeds are under 5 minutes each side - altho will sometimes throw a spanner in the works and go for 20 minutes!!

I have chatted on some topics related to this (fussy feeding etc) as Harrison is getting VERY distracted despite various tactics to keep him on the job (blanket over, quiet room etc) and he will still not take a bottle properly - I need to wean him as BF is becoming a bit of a battle ground. He will now at least play a bit with the bottle wants to hold it, and will take about 10ml. It is frustrating because some feeds are OK (esp evening/night ones).

He is putting on weight (he is 9kilo) and generally settled altho has found this whinging voice in the last few days which is very cute but annoying if you know what I mean?!

While I enjoy BF it is hard on days when it is just not working, a hard decision to go onto formula but made worse when taking the bottle is also not happening.

Sorry is long, needed a whinge myself!!


SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

maybe he could be teething, my daughter got really fussy when she was teething (she is also breastfed) but she got over it.
Just latly she has been really fussy again and drinking small amounts all the time and refusing most of her solids, I just wasted a whole pot of veges in the last couple of days, very frustrating but anyway I think its due to the hotter weather as shes not sleeping too well either.

If you enjoy breastfeeding and dont want to give up just try to keep going and believe that its just a 'phase'.
maybe you could talk to someone proffessional and get some help.

hope I've helped a little bit.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Hi Lan
I have Thomas that is 1 next week, I thought I would have been able to move him to formula after 6 months but I was wrong he would not touch the stuff (very frustrating) so I had to carry on breastfeeding until 10 1/2 months and moved him straight onto milk in nuby easy non spill spout.

At the moment your little one is trying to increase you milk supply that is when he feeds 20min long that is what my Tom did.
I found tommee tippee nuby range great for him to drink out of he alway drank what I gave him that is because the bottle are coloured as well a great trick a midwife told me and it works.
The whining always went right through me it only lasted a week or so.
Try a little bit of honey with the formula that is what my Doctor told me it might work for you but tom wasn"t fooled (breast milk is very sweet).

Tom's mum Bris

damon has also decided that he doesn't like the bottle so we've given him a tommee tippee cup with the 3 stages. he seems to like using it but the fussiness is also his teeth bothering him.
another thing could be that he doesn't like the formula your using, damon flat out refuses S26.

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