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Cold Milk Lock Rss

My son who is 1 next week (can't believe how fast that went) has started on cows milk. The only problem is he won't drink it cold. He has been on formula since he was 2 months old and I've always heated his milk. I have tried giving him cold cows milk in a bottle 'cold' but he refuses to drink it. I'm sick of heating his bottle and when we're out I always have to find a way to heat it.
I was wondering if anyone has advice on how to get him to drink cold milk

Cathy, Matty 17.11.04 Joshy 31.12.09

Try not warming it as much everytime you give him cows milk until eventually it is cold when you give it to him. Hope it helps.

Kirsten, NZ, Ella 02.10.1997, Gabrielle 20.06.2005


When we use to go out with our 1st Daughter we took small (125ml) poppers of long life milk and put them in her bottle they arent cold but room temp though, not sure if this helps you.

But i do know how you feel as my 5mth old will only drink "hot" milk... and it has to be realllly hot won't drink it any other way, i am dreading the time when we have to go out and i cant heat her bottle up.

Good luck

Robyn Cody May 03 and Marli June 05

thanks for the advice - I've been trying to warm his milk up less but he is so fussy he won't drink his whole bottle. I'll just start giving him smaller bottles & maybe he'll get used to it. We're going to NZ for xmas that's why I was asking for advice as we may not always have facilities to heat his bottle. I might try the long life milk though.

Cathy, Matty 17.11.04 Joshy 31.12.09

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