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How you weaned Lock Rss

I am going to try to wean my daughter in December and am a little worried about how to do it. I thought I would try the don't offer/dont refuse approach however I would really like her to take a cup of milk first and I cant get her to drink any. I tube fed/bottle fed for the first 8 weeks then slowly got her onto the breast. At 16 weeks she started bottle refusing in a big big way. I tried everything you can think of to get her to take an occasional bottle but to no avail - she did take one once after 8 hours from my mum when I was in hospital and it nearly broke my mother. Anyway after about 6 months I gave up trying and gave her water in a cup which she loves (eventually). She now gets 3 milk feeds a day and is 10 months. her first and last are proper feeds, she is not really interested at lunch time. What I cant get her to drink is milk in a cup (formula or real milk). I give it to her every lunch time and when she tastes it she pulls the worst face and throws the cup. She is funny actually if she can see an empty cup that she thinks is water she cant push the milk away quick enough and shouts for the other cup.

Any stories on how you weaned would be most appreciated. I am pregnant again and may go into hospital approx half way through the pregnancy and I really want my baby to be weaned by then.

I feel quite sad thinking about it - they grow up so fast


Vivienne, Mooloolaba

Hi Vivienne

I weaned my son at around 13 months - by that stage he was only having 1 breastfeed per day. I couldn't get him to drink anything from a cup. I spoke to our child health nurse and she said to offer lots of watery fruits to keep his fluids up. As he was having milk on his breakfast, and yoghurt and cheese through the day she said not to worry too much about him not drinking milk as he was getting plenty of calcium. I kept offering milk and water in a cup and he did eventually start drinking it at around 14 months.

So if your baby is drinking water it's a good start and just make sure she's getting her calcium requirements through food.

It is sad - they do grow up so fast sad . I hope this has helped. Maybe talk to your child health nurse for some more suggestions.

Hi Vivienne,

I am going to wean my soon of to next weekend and have no idea how to go about it. He is only 6 months, bu I have been back at work for 5 months and can't keep expressing at work.
He also already drinks water from a cup and hopefully it will al go smoothly as I can now give him yohurt ect. He now still has 5 or 6 feeds a day and I get very engorged, so I hope I will be alright.
I hope I will be able to pick up some tips from your post.


Boy 27-05-05 and girl 30-11-06, due 26-03-09

Hi Vivienne,

I have started the weening. Beau was having five feeds a day, but himself went to 4 as I cut out the dreamfeed. It took me three days to get used to that.
Beau was in care two days ago and had 3 breatfeeds and 1 bottle. I was going to express but I was teaching in the pool and didn't get a chance, so I missed that one. I was in so much pain the day after, but I stuck with it and today I am feeling alright. So I went from 5 feeds to 3 feeds in one week. I only have one to go for the moment as I would love to still feed him morning and night. I feel quite confident this won't be much of a problem.

I was going to stop cold turkey, but this has worked out great and it went much quiker than I though.
Good luck yourself and I wil let you know how I go with that last one.


Boy 27-05-05 and girl 30-11-06, due 26-03-09

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