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Breast Feeding Lock Rss

Hey smile
Im becky I have little 1 year old baby girl aliah and i cant get her off the breast i was wondering if anyone one at all could offer me any advice because i think i have tried just about everything in the books !

Thanx smile
Hi Becky,

My son is 12months (21st Oct), I was wondering the same thing but I haven't tried yet.
I figure that Tyler will stop when he is ready, why do we have to stop them? and look around you don't see or hear of major problems with children not wanting to give up the breast.
What I have said to myself is just stay on the ride of B/F and hope that he throws me off.(one day)
Sorry I have no advice this is just my thoughts.


Hi Becky

I use this method on my 5 month old, not for weaning, but for convenience for me and for him to learn to take a bottle. I started by one night giving him his evening meal from one breast and leave the other to fill during the night. (When he woke, I gave him the same breast he had his dinner off and left the other to get nice and full.) In the morning I expressed the full breast into a Pidgeon brand bottle with a Peristaltic nipple (very squishy and like the real thing). I then had around 200 mls of expressed milk to feed him for his dinner that night. The difference was in the type of bottle and nipple used, as other brands weren't as successful. He will now take the bottle easily and I can even get him to take water from the bottle (as we live in North QLD and sometimes he needs just a drink). It's great for when we go out at night, and also for him getting used to bottle.
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