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Daughter is pulling at my nipple Rss

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My daughter, who is 7 mths on the 27th March, has taken to clamping her gums together and pulling hard at my nipple during breastfeeding. It hurts!

She sometimes clamps down, twists her head and pulls, as if my nipple is a flexi rubber toy (well, I guess it seems like it is to her lol).

I have just started a weight loss regime where I am going to the gym 6 days a week, upping the protein in my diet and eating healthy...I'm hoping my milk supply isn't diminishing and that is the reason why she is pulling at them the way she is.

She does it in an aggressive way and she also is a fan of scratching my (and my fiances) face hard too.

Anyone elses bub do this?
my dd is 11wks and also does the clamping down and twisting of my nipple,my mum keeps telling me that it has something to do with the let down of the milk.
sorry if its not much help.

I think babies often do this when they think the milk isn't coming in FAST enough. It doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't enough milk, its just that she may be a bit impatient and thinks pulling on your nipple will encourage let down.

I'm sure there could be other reasons as well..... maybe talk to your MCN or a lactation consultant.

Good luck


My 5 and a half month old has a habit of doing this lately. It really does hurt. I think it's out of frustration that my milk hasn't let down. Cause thats when she seems to do it.

She scratches hard too!!!

I feel your pain!!!!
My son started doing at at the end of 5 months - My nurse told me it was cause he wasn't hungry or had gotten full and to watch for drinking and comforting - she said to change sides sooner than i was so he was getting more milk faster and to take him off before he bites. I would give him a dummy it worked for us

Noting how long between feeds might help you decide whether bub is hungry or after comfort.

I stopped bf at 6 months he got to many teeth and I stopped enjoying it.

Daniel has 8 teeth and he's molars are coming i dont regret stopping bf : ) But it was hard at the time
My 8 mth old does the same thing too, more often, he scratches at my breast, and that hurts, and he leaves red marks too. It's worse though when I haven't cut his nails,hehehe.


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