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wriggly bum Lock Rss

For the last 3 days my 5 month old son has become very wriggly on the breast for at least 2 of his feeds a day. He will bite my nipple, latch off and then scream to be put back on.
He doesn't appear to be tired and has always been a good feeder. I have tried to end the feed so that he doesn't associate feeding with play time but he will scream until he is put back on.
Any advice? I'm starting to not enjoy breastfeeding


Caroline! Don't despair! My son did the same to me around the same age actually. He ended up doing it for a week and the only feed he wouldn't do it with was the night one and morning ones where he was too sleepy to do it. I thought he was trying to wean himself or it was breast refusal or something. I really worried that he wasn't getting enough either, but he just went back to normal after about 6 days.

Hope your little one does the same... definately persevere for at least that long though.

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he could be teething my daughter became really fussy when she was teething but when it popped through she was back to normal again.

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