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Full Fat Milk Lock Rss

Hi All.

I have an 8 month old baby boy, Jack. I have been getting mixed messages about when to start full fat milk. I thought you had them on breastmilk or formula until they were 12 months but now I have just read that they can have full fat milk from 6 months??? I am just curious as Jack has finally taken a bottle (you have probably all read my numerous messages about him not taking it!!!) and I dont know whether to start on formula or full fat milk.

I read in a pamphlet put out by (i think) Heinz that says that babies under 12 months can have a small amount of cows milk on cereal etc but not as a source of actual food for them.
At my mothers group we had a guest speaker talk about this and she agreed that a small amount won't harm them but only breast or formula is to be their main source until 12 months
It's so confusing all the different information we're given


I've heard that too. Only cows milk mixed in things but not as a bottle feed til 12 months.

That's what my community nurse told me when I asked the same question.

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

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