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Feeding has changed again! Lock Rss

Me again! I love this website as I prefer to hear real stories rather than reading different things all the time.
Just wondering.... my breast fed only 9 week old has reverted from normal 3hr feeds during the day back to sometimes have 2 hr feeds during the day so her pattern has become 4am, 7am, 10am, 12pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 10.30 or 11.30pm or thereabouts. I put it down to her sleeping longer during the nights now. Anyway I rang the Parents Helpline just out of interest and they say that it is perfectly normal for a babies pattern to change around this age as a) they know they want more milk so they are trying to build the supply up by sometimes having the occasional 2hr block and b) it lasts only for about 4-7days and then usually it goes back to 3-4hrs. Little babies are clever at knowing that if they drink more then they make more! I don't mind feeding every 2hrs but I was getting used to her feeding every 3hrs during the day as I managed to get out and about more whereas now I know that she sometimes demanding feeding when I'm in the supermarket (giving her a cuddle doesn't always stop the hunger crying!). The other thing that the PH Helpline said was it is quite normal for a breastfed baby to feed at 5pm and again at 7pm because they know that they 7pm is the last for a little while and they are naturally topping themselves up! Clever. Has anyone got any stories about there young baby's feeding patterns changing? Would love to hear.

Sophie's Mummy

Yep! We did the 2 hourly feeding thing. I found it amazing that they do it to build up a supply - such an innate behaviour. One of my friend's bub fed for about 2 hours between 4-6pm. I was shocked and wondered what she was doing to herself until I found out that her baby (3 weeks old) was sleeping from 6pm to 7am. It is funny how different they all are.


Hey My Jessica is now 7 months old and formula feed. She changes still now on how much she drinks but from the age of 3 months she was sleeping 8 hours at night. She would have a bath and about 100mls at 5:30 and then about 7:30 she would have another 100mls or so then it would go to 8:30 and she wanted more and then went for her big nights sleep. She still does this sometimes but having solids now as well she does seem to be happier. She will bath and have vegies and then milk at 5:30 and then 8pm she will have about 100mls and then it is bed time!
But I remeber when she was around 7weeks in her book i have written on a certain date she just wanted to eat and sleep all day i thought she was going to burst as she drank so much!!
So they are clever and certainly amazing how their bodies know what is going on.
I am amazed each day by something she does!!

Jodie Gold Coast - Jessica born May 2005

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