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Juice for bubs? Lock Rss

I have had to put my 6 week old son on to formula because of a nipple infection, he is the first of my three boys I have been able to breastfeed. It has been 4 and a half yrs between my baby and my youngest so I am alittle out of touch with things. Can I give him juice aswell as water on hot days?...and of course I mean the juice especially made for babies. !!
I didn't think his little tummy could handle juice just yet but in one of the books from the hospital it says to give them juice !!!
Also what is best to help him over come the constpation caused by being transferred from breast to bottle?....
Any help given would be great... smile


Hey Tam,

At 6 weeks I don't think you are supposed to give them juice, not even the baby stuff. Just water on hot days and the formula. As for the constipation, my son got it on the switch over to formula and I got Coloxyl drops from the chemist. You just put the required amount into their formula. The other thing my friend tried, but again not sure at this age is cooled boiled water mixed with a little prune juice. Because it is juice, I'm not sure if it's ok at 6 weeks.

Sorry I couldn't help...

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Hi Tam,
Being a first time mum, I wasn't sure about giving my son (Caleb 7 months) baby juice. I checked with my health nurse, she recommended not to give them juice because of the high sugar content. It can cause problems with their teeth. She recommended that I only give him water. Not sure about freshly squeezed juice though. May be o.k once he gets a little older.

Hope this helps a little!
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