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Runny Poo's! Lock Rss

My little daughter has 2 poos a day and she is like clock work and they are usually around the 10am feed and the 4pm feed. Everytime she poos it leaks out of the sides of the nappy and I always have to rush her to her room before I get it on me - which has happened a few times! Her stools are quite runny most of the time and I am wondering if it is something I eat. Has anyone else been having this problem and what would you advise cos' this morning I had her sitting with me after her 7am feed and she pooed without a sound and it ran on to our bed sheets!!
Any tips - greatly appreciated!!!

Sophie's Mummy

How old is your baby? Sounds pretty normal for a breastfed baby. I've had that happen a few times, more so when my baby was around the 6-8 week mark I think. Now (13weeks) it's not so bad unless she has gone a day or so without doing one. In that case she makes up for it. grin My baby usually has a bit of air associated with the whole event, most ammusing.

Part and parcel of babies I think. I've had it all over me too smile

I remember the poo explosion faze quite well. That 'warm' feeling as your bub sits on your knee or your patting their bum as they snuggle into your shoulder - LOL. I found that a poo explosion was an idicator that I needed to go up a size in nappies - but may not be the same with your DD.

Best of luck - think of the stories you can tell your DD when she is older - LOL.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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