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Baby won't take formula Lock Rss

Hi there,

I thought I would try to drop a breast feed and give my 5 1/2 month old son a bottle as the last feed at night but he won't drink the formula.

He has taken a bottle once before with my breast milk in it but won't even attempt to suck the teat with the formula in the bottle. Last night I gave him some with a dropper but that seemed like hard work - shall I try a cup?

Any ideas would be great.

Thanks heaps

Shelley , NZ, Joshua 19/10/03

Hello Shelleyz
I had the same problem my 4 1/2 month daughter She also refused the bottle
She used to take the bottle with breast milk towards the beginning but it was like she forgot what to do i found the only teat she would take was the Nuk (they say its the closest to the breast nipple ) i give my daughter top ups ever night but it took about 2 weeks or so before she got used to it
sometimes she will take 100 mls but most time only 50 or so they say in time she will learn to take more.
Thanks for your reply, I will try one of those teats and keep perservering.

Thanks again

Shelley , NZ, Joshua 19/10/03

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