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refusing breast Lock Rss

My 10 week old baby girl has started to refuse the breast in the afternoons and evenings. She is obviously hungry, trying to chew/suck on anything she can find except her dummy or my breast. She is just screaming at the breast, and won't close her mouth around the nipple, let alone start to suck. The only way I can calm her screaming is to give her some expressed milk in a bottle. She takes the bottle immediately it is offered. So far I have been lucky in that I have had some stored milk to give her, but this is running out, and I have not been able to express enough to replace what she is taking from the bottle.

She has been diagnosed with reflux, and had been on mylanta, though with decreasing effectiveness, so has just been switched to gaviscon.

I have spoken to the child health nurse, and all she could say was to just keep trying.

I am wanting to keep breastfeeding, but can't cope with the hours of screaming when she won't attach. I am worried about introducing a supplementary formula feed, as my eldest refused to take anything from a bottle after I had put formula rather than expressed milk into it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

mum to 2 girls

I would give the Nursing Mothers a call. They are fantastic, their number for your area will be in your local phine book or their website is
They have forums there and breast refusal is a common topic. You can actually talk to one of their councillers online.

Good luck, I know how frustrating and worrying breast refusal can be.
My advise is to drink lots of water and to have a rest, I know its hard, but even just putting your feet up in the afternoon while your baby is asleep(I saw that your a mum of 2, so maybe read a story to your older child) will help. My health nurse said that pulling away from the breast and screaming was because of irregular milk flow. This would happen in the afternoon because your baby has been feeding all day and your supply has dropped by resting in the afternoon it gives your body a chance to replenish its self, also you should drink a big glass of water everytime you feed as well a the recommended 1 litre a day.
You could try offering the formula in a cup or even the lid of the advent bottle to prevent nipple confusion and to prevent bottle refusal.
Hope I have helped


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