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How much formula for an 8 month old? Lock Rss

Hi There,

I was just wandering if anyone had any idea how much milk an 8 month old should be getting in 24hrs? my daughter has never been a lover of milk and is dropping her feeds preety quickly now that she is drinking plenty of water and heaps of food. She is only having 180ml in the morning, 100ml with breakfast and 120ml in the afternoon, she completly refuses any other time I offer including at bed time preferring to have a big drink of water instead. She drinks about 200-300ml of water a day and sleeps 12 hours overnight and has two naps during the day for 1.5-2hours each so she is not waking up for thirst, she also has wet nappies and poo's well!

Susannah NSW

Hi Susannah
I checked my formula container and it says that an 8 month old should be having minimum of 750mls a day up to 1000mls depending on whether bubs has 3 or 4 bottles. But each baby is different of course and yours sounds very content. Have you asked your CHN? Maybe if she is getting dairy from other sources - like youghurt or cheese then that would help her little bones develop??? May be best to see what your CHN says on next visit, but I would guess that is a little low, but then my boy is a piggy.
Will be good to see what other mum's think.

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

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