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not feeding from breast suddenly Lock Rss

Hi there my ds who turns 7mths next fri has suddenly refused to take the breast either side. He has to date had good weight gain and is also on 3 solids. He got his first cold on Thurs and so do I for the first time in goodness knows how long, thanks to dh earlier in the week passing it our way. I have taken to doctor and he has checked over and said panadol is best. He is still eating his solids he will drink water and I have been expressing milk and he seems to take some from a bottle. The only thing is when I go to put him to the breast he just screams and doesn't want it, he won't even attempt to attach. Not sure what to do? Could this be his way of self weaning (I hope not) or is it just temporary while he is not well. I am feeling a little down as for the first time he doesn't want to take from me. Any advise would be appreciated.
Keep trying - it could be just because he has a blocked nose - the bottle is easier when this happens! Panadol and plenty of sleep are the best - good luck to you
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