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Bottle top ups after Breast. Lock Rss

Hi all.

I have a sweet 14 week old daughter who I breast feed.
I have inverted nipples so use nipple shields, my milk supply is crap now and I am topping Indigo up after most feeds.

It started out at 50 mls twice a day, but now is at the point where she will feed for 10-15 minutes and then still have 150 mls afterwards, at times, but always the 50 mls.
Now I don't know but this seems like a heck of alot.

I am pretty sure she is getting a fair amount of milk from me and wondering if maybe I have gotten her too used to a bottle?

I have tried to teach her to latch on again and again, and she will latch, but won't stay on.

Talk about going insane, this kid won't stop eating lol. She has over 5 BFS a day and then the top ups.
Then she is awake all day minus 1-2 hours and only sleeps 8 hours a night.


Carrie and Indigo (1st time mummy)
I had a similar problem, I would feed and then 1/2 and hour later she would be screaming so we'd top her up. I decided to express as much as I could that way I know how much she is getting and it helps my supply which I'd have problems with. I don't think my milk come back great but at least I know how much she's getting each feed and I don't stress as much. Hope this helps

One day at a time

Hi Carrie, I had one inverted nipple and it was very hard to feed on that side - lots of problems with latching. The hospital where James was born offers a breast feeding clinic, and they really did help (maybe see if your hospital offers same??) My son is now 4mths, breastfeeding brilliantly, and nipple has been drawn out (I dont know if its permanent but doesnt look like inverting again at this stage). I wish you good luck, and definitely recommend checking for a breast feeding clinic close to you - I would probably have given up out of sheer frustration if it werent for them. Cheers,

Emma, 2 boys, Sept94, Aug2005

Hi. I bottle fed but my little boy had 220mls by the time he was 8 weeks old!! I was told I was over feeding him so I fed him solids from 3 months. He hated rice cereal plain so I gave him jars and cans of custards and other stuff!! Hope this helps. My doctor also said it was fine for me to feed him so early and he seems to have no reactions yet and he has had egg custard already and he is 5 months old!!


It sounds to me like you are doing a great job to get to 14 weeks. My baby (now 5 mths) had poor attachment and I used a shield. He fed often, every 2 1/2 hours in the day and only slept for 45 min to 1 hr at a time. We worked through it. Once I accepted that he was a napper and a regular feeder I relaxed and so did he. 8 hours at night is great. My boy still feeds 5-6 times in the day and once at night and still at times has poor attachment. However we don't use the sheild now. He gave it up. As for your supply, either express between feeds with a pump or if your baby is awake feed more often. Either way it should help increase supply. As for supplements with the bottle, keep a close check on weight gain. If your baby is still putting on weight without the bottle top ups then she is getting plenty from you. I'd do this in consultation with a lactation consultant or clinic nurse.
Happy breastfeeding. Keep it up mum, you're doing great.


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