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Not wanting bottle?!?!?!?! Lock Rss

Hi All,

My little man is almost 15wks and he doesnt seem interested in his bottle, I struggle to get him to drink 100ml over an hour, which I know isnt right.. Has anyone else had a similar problem or does anyone have any advice? Im starting to worry..


Hi There,

There have been a number of posts on this subject so have a look for all the advice (im sure you will come across me!) my wee girl has always been the same as your little man, not interested in milk since she was about 4 weeks old, never cried for a bottle or when she was hungry. She is now 8 months old and only drinks about 300mls of milk a day (two bottles) and I put about 100-150mls in her food, she has 3 meals a day and drinks heaps of water. I started Lydia on solids at 4 months because of this issue and she ate the rice cereal in the morning to start with which was good because you can mix it with the formula. I also fed every 4 hours so she was more ready for a feed and this helped a lot. I was told to offer the feed and then when she refuses anymore re-offer in ten minutes time then throw it out and bub waits till next feed! harsh but it worked. You can also offer water on these really hot days when you just need to get the fluid in. Remember that what is right for one baby is not for another, it doesnt mean that your baby is doing the wrong thing its just not what he needs or wants. I was told that poor milk drinkers usually love food and its so true my girl eats everything! I have had a hell of a time in the last 8 months trying to get her to drink more milk but just recently I have chilled out about it because I know there is nothing I can do apart from offer it, put it in her food and hope for the best. Good Luck!

Susannah NSW

My girl Charlotte who is born on the same day as your boy and is doing the same thing at the moment.

Are you in Sydney by any chance, I thought her disinterest in food may be due to the very hot weather this week. She has also just had a growth spurt in the past few weeks and she usually take more during the spurts. She put on 400gms in 1 week, then none the next this week she had lost 60gms.

During the spurt she would take 150ml every feed 5-6 feeds per day, this week she is lucky to take 100ml at 5-6 feeds and wants to sleep past her normal feed times (usually every 4 hours like clock work).

Is his weight OK? as long as he isnt losing heaps of weight and seems settled and healthy it should be anything to worry about at this stage.


Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

I can relate to what you are experiencing. My daughter was very stuborn when it was time for her to take the bottle as I had to return to work when she was only 13 weeks. We consulted with our Dr, Plunket Nurse and tried several different methods from giving half a breastfeed then offering the bottle, expressing and then feeding from the bottle. Letting Sasha play with the bottle and not getting upset or making a fuss if she refused it.

In the end we had to resort to not breastfeeding until she had had a drink from the bottle. My partner was the one to fed her so she wouldn't smell my milk. After 8 hours we had success. Now 2 months on she only drinks 120mls a feed and I still breastfeed from 5.30pm to 8 am when she indicates she is hungry.

Mum of 3 aged 17 & 2 and 3 days

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